Thursday, August 11, 2011

Time Off for Good Behavior

Next week, I am childless.  Not entirely childless, but between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3:10 p.m., except on Tuesday when I have to pick up M2 early for therapy, I am childless.

This is a weird, weird feeling.  I have never been childless for five days in a row like other stay-at-home moms whose children are 8 and 6.  When M1 was in kindergarten and M2 went to preschool two days a week, I had two days to myself, but at the time I was working and honestly, two days a week isn't much when there are errands to be run, a house to clean, and you have a part-time job that you enjoy.  It goes by quickly.  And once I brought M1 home for first grade, that was it. 

Don't get me wrong.  I'd never want to send M1 back to school and relive that particular hell we experienced when he was in kindergarten.  I can only imagine what he'd be like in a third-grade classroom... or on the playground.  Neither of those is a pretty thought.  But it does mean that unless I actually buckle down and make some phone calls to various potential baby-sitters who can do weekdays and teach school at the same time... I'm here, nearly 24/7, with at least one child.  I'm sure most of you can relate and many of you have more than one at home.  You feel my pain!

Especially since my one at home is a boy, there are things I don't ever get to do.  I don't ever get to go shopping.  Not that I'm a shopper.  I'm not.  My idea of fashion has long been denim pants (jeans or shorts) and a T-shirt with a pair of neutral-colored shoes (or better yet, sneakers).  I've been trying to come out of that rut, though, and actually purchased a pair of turquoise sandals a couple weeks ago.  There is COLOR on the floor of my closet.  Bizarre.  These changes in wardrobe don't come easily to me, though, and the idea of roaming through a department store all by myself without saying, "Get out of the rack!" or "Stay where I can see you!" or "NO, you may NOT buy the $200 electronic device... and DON'T DROP IT!!!" every 30 seconds or so sounds dreamy.  I can even look through the lingerie department without excessive ogling or giggling.  Hm.

I'm sure you've gathered that at least one day next week, I am going shopping... or at least that's the plan.  I am also getting the oil changed in the van and going to the bank and even hitting the grocery store during daylight hours by myself.  I'm going to lunch with a friend or two... and one day, even my husband!  I can clean the house with Pandora on full blast and sing along with all the profanity that I want to, and nobody will be there to hear it and emulate it later.  If the weather is nice, I can go jogging (read: walking in a jogging fashion) in the park and not have to worry about someone getting bored or tired of riding their bike along with me.  I can go to a museum and enjoy the exhibits at my leisure.  I can go to all the gourmet grocery stores and get obscure ingredients for equally obscure recipes... and have time to make them!  I can get a pedicure, though if I'm honest I probably won't because getting a pedicure by myself just sounds weird.  I can even hit up some of the fancy stores like Sak's or Anthropologie and pretend like I can afford a $300 dress to go with $100 flats and $200 jacket.  Heh.  Ok, I probably won't do that, either.  Even the thought makes me gag a little.

Clearly I'm not going to be sitting still much during the week.  But the time will be MINE to do with as I wish, and that is a heavenly thought.

P.S.  This totally isn't the post that I sat down to write, but it's what came out because I'm just so darned excited!


Beth said...

You deserve a little "you" time. Much more often than you get. Enjoy it to it's fullest :)

rowan said...

Sounds heavenly!!! Enjoy your week. :-)

Mom on the Verge said...

What have you done with your son? And can I send mine there? ;)

I'm with my kids 24/7. I've pretty much resigned myself to that. I shop online. The Husband often stops and picks up "a few" groceries on the way home from work. On Saturday, I was so bored I almost dropped into a coma.

Balance, grasshopper. Balance is key.

Have fun!