Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Mother's Work...

I was all set to post about organization and the new homeschool year tonight.  I really was.  But I have to interrupt myself to bring you this important message:

M2 has lost a tooth.  And not just ANY tooth... it's a top front tooth. 

And she didn't really lose it, either.  It was viciously yanked out by her very own mother after she took one single solitary bite of a burrito (a burrito made with homemade carnitas, caramelized onion, salsa, sour cream, and homegrown tomato... not a crunchy item in the lot!) and managed to "crunch" the tooth, thereby causing blood to start pouring out of her gums.  Of course, the tooth was still lodged.  M2 tried to yank it out on her own, but it was a failed attempt.  Oz manfully got a paper towel and tried to have a go, but that didn't work, either.  Only the slightly sadistic mother would have the strength to carry out this fateful, growing-up-before-your-very-eyes quest.

It's my mission in life.  I'm resigned to it.

"Mom, it feels weird.  But thanks.  Can I write the Tooth Fairy a note??"

I love you, too, Big Girl.  Enjoy your gap!

Installment 2 of the Lost Teeth series, entitled The Other Front Tooth, should be out later this month.  She's working very hard on it.


Toni said...

First off, congrats to M2 on reaching this milestone. Second, what is the deal with all the lost tooth posts. It's like a conspiracy among the bloggers I'm reading today. ... On the upside, at least you didn't post a video.

Christy said...

She looks absolutely adorable!!! So big with the top front missing! Loved that phase!