Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh, Look, a Wall...

As of this Saturday, we will have been back in school for one month already.  This does not seem real to me, just like it doesn't seem real that my son will turn nine years old in little more than a month.  Thankfully I already have a few gifts socked away.  Of course, if his birthday is in little less than a month, that means Christmas ideas should start floating around in my head anytime now... but that is a place I do not need to go.

Let me catch my thoughts for a minute and start again.


So, as I said, we've been back in school about a month already and it's surreal.  I don't feel like we've gotten a schedule under control yet because, well, we haven't.  We had one week of school, then M1 had his week of robotics camp that seems like it was a million years ago.  Last week all we had (other than 2.5 hours of swim and a grocery list a mile long that had to be purchased during daylight hours because Oz was out of town) was allergy testing and I started to get optimistic, but this week we are going to be run ragged.  M1 gets the results from his allergy testing, M2's violin lessons start back up for the semester, M2 has a therapy session scheduled, and my sister (who is allergic to cats) is arriving on Friday evening or Saturday morning so she and I can catch up and have 'sister time.'  Oh, and the kids are having portraits done on Sunday morning at the lower intestine of dawn and I have NO IDEA what they're going to wear.

And that's just this week. 

I keep staring at the calendar on my phone and wondering where all the little dots under all the dates came from... the dots that denote at least one event on that date.  Many of those days have multiple events (three is not an uncommon number, and one particularly ugly day has FOUR), and I haven't even added in the stuff for M2's school PTA... the one I'm supposed to be vice-chair of... the PTA that hosts meetings, the book fair, Grandparents' Day, the fundraiser, etc.  (By the way, if any of you locals want some Blue & Gold sausage, bacon, or chicken strips, hit me up.  It'll be in around September 19th, and since I'll be running all over creation anyway, I can deliver.) 

I am really trying enjoy the moments that I do have with the kids... the moments that aren't scheduled.  During those times when I'm not cooking a meal or trying to exercise or writing down the week's lesson plans for my boy (who handed me his agenda tonight and said, "Mom, after you tuck me in, can you cross off 'bedtime?'  I don't like seeing uncrossed things in the morning."), I'm really trying to make every minute count.  The kids and I finished up By the Shores of Silver Lake tonight, because I try to read them at least one chapter an evening, and they really look forward to it.  Technology is verboten during meals, and I work hard to keep my mind focused on the precious moments I have with my kids rather than letting my thoughts drift into the la-la land of What Must Happen Tomorrow.  Even so, I feel like I'm missing so much of their day because of all the running around that happens.  I don't want M1 to quit swimming or M2 to quit violin, I just want the week to magically stretch so that I feel like I really get time to spend with my kiddos!

The school year.  One month in and I can already see the wall.  Ugh.  Someone get me a ladder and a good book, because if I can get on top of it, I'm not coming down!

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Mom on the Verge said...

Sounds like you're doing great! Wild is good, and I love it that your son has to check off "bedtime". Too cute.