Monday, November 14, 2011

Girl Needs a Sugar Daddy


A week or so ago, M1 and Oz went to get haircuts from the hairdresser who performs her magic on everyone in the family.  She's begun selling purses on the side and asked Oz if I was a purse person... hint, hint, Christmas is coming hint hint.  He said I was very much not a purse person (this is true... for most of my adult life, I have not carried a purse.  I only have one now to carry M1's inhaler and EpiPen).


M2 overheard Oz telling me about this exchange and announced, "Well, Mommy might not be a purse person, but her daughter is!"

Then, while M2 was folding and putting away her laundry today, she launched into THIS:

May the Lord have mercy on my wallet.  I love this child and I'm sure she'll get a fantastic job and learn how to budget someday, but good grief... the drama just oozes from her pores!

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