Saturday, November 26, 2011

The November Doldrums

If you take a look at the school year, there are two times each year that teachers and students dread equally - November and February.  These are the 'in between' months.  In November, you're in between fall break and Christmas, and the little break at Thanksgiving only serves to whet the appetite for the longer break ahead.  In February, you've been back at the books for a month and still have another month to go before Spring Break.  In either case, it's cold, often dreary, and not really good weather for going outside (unless it snows, and then all bets are off).

Usually *I* am the one who experiences burnout during these winter months.  This year, though, M1 is the one who is totally done with school and anything to do with it.

I can't say I'm really surprised.  At the beginning of the school year, he insisted that I write down his daily plans in his agenda, and he helped 'design' the school day.  He said he wanted to do the same schedule every single day of school.  I wondered at the time how long that would last, because even I, with my seriously Type A personality, couldn't handle that.

So it came as no surprise when he announced the other day that he doesn't like school any more.  He doesn't want to go to another school; he just wants some changes.  Specifically he wants "more projects."

I'm going to have to have a good ol' chat with him about this, because honestly I'm not sure what I can do that isn't already being done.  We do weekly projects in history, science, art, and writing.  We do biweekly projects in Spanish.  Projects aren't really gonna happen with spelling, grammar, math, or piano.  I'm going to propose doing some unit studies with him between now and Christmas, but when I proposed those last year he shot me down and I honestly suspect he'll do so again.  I don't think he really wants change.  I think he just wants a break.

Guess we'll see what happens.  Anyone know of any good unit studies that I can get my hands on ASAP, on the off chance he says yes?

November.  It's a sneaky bastard.  One way or another, it gets ya.

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Beth said...

We are working on states, religion, got a new piano program, going to attempt to work more on our Timmy project, you could have him do a theater type thing or draw a cartoon and try to get emotions involved somehow - It would get writing and spelling and involved too. Even if he did it on the computer. A side trip to presidents or women in history (I'm not sure exactly where you've been..) Or even let him just go to the library and pick a subject (while really a giant PITA) and build him a unit while keeping on with what you've got. We do that sometimes with sharks, or snakes, or pokemon when (Mattie especially) gets bored.. But you can build writing, spelling, math - ANYTHING really about almost any subject as long as you over look seeming stupid saying things like :write several sentences about why Pikachu and Ash are such good friends: Or :Why has Ash never evolved Pikachu, write about it.: Or :If you take the number of Pokemon Ash has and multiply it by the number Dawn has, how many is that?: Not that we've been there lately :)