Saturday, April 21, 2012


The week is finally over!  I honestly wondered if it would never end.  I have to hand it to my darling hubby - he is truly the only reason that I made it through this week with any semblance of sanity intact.  He brought me drinks when he felt I needed them, gave me breaks when he could, and basically kept telling me, "WE CAN DO THIS."

And we have.  Today he patched the carpet in the hall, and we finished the last of the exterior work.  All we have to do now - literally all we have to do, since we even put the final boxes and furniture pieces into storage - is clean the house.  The realtor is coming on Thursday.  By the end of that day, we'll have a sign in the front yard!

So now, instead of worrying about whether the house will ever make it ON the market, I get to worry about whether someone will want to buy it.  I'm not really stressing about that one, though.  I have hopes that our perfect buyer is out there.  And because I'm feeling optimistic this weekend, we've started browsing different areas and neighborhoods to see if OUR perfect house is out there somewhere.

In between all the house stuff, we've still had plenty of stuff happening with the kids and school.  M2 had a field trip this last week, and she and her classmates had a blast.  I drove - M2 and three other giggly little first-grade girls makes for a fun, if somewhat loud trip - and it was so much fun watching the kids run around.  M2 performed in a talent show on Thursday at the school, too.  It was beautiful to watch her bask in all the applause and shouts of her fellow students.  Since she has another performance tomorrow, she really needed the first one to go well, and it did.  Perfect.

M1 has been doing well, too.  He's still swimming, and he's looking forward to several field trips in the upcoming month.  He's winding down the school year, having already reached his goals in a couple of subjects, but we still have some projects to do - make a piƱata for Cinco de Mayo, make a Powerpoint presentation about any research topic he chooses, etc.  He knows about some of these but not others.  I can't wait to see how he reacts.

My sister sent me another thing that got me through to the end of the week:

The Bloggess' first book

That's right.  I have The Bloggess' book.  And yes, it really is that funny.  I got started on it Friday night, and by the time I got to page 30, Oz declared me "touched."  I told him I was not the one who wrote and published the book.  I don't think he cared, since at the time I had tears rolling down my cheeks from laughing so hard.

So even though I'm PMSing, worried about how I'm going to get it all done between now and Thursday, and really am completely exhausted, it's been a good, productive week.  And I have to thank my family for that.

And rum.  I can't forget rum. ;)

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Beth said...

SO happy for you, you've been talking about wanting to selling that house for years!! And yay M2! Glad her show went well, and hopefully her recital went as well too :)