Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Photo Post

The new camera is amazing.  But, as with anything technological, there is a learning curve.

This is the first photo that I took with my "new toy," as the family has dubbed it.  Notice all the orangey-red.  Clearly I hadn't learned to play with the settings.

But I did decide to go play with the flash...

... and was impressed by the difference in the depth of field.  I've never been able to play with those sorts of things before.

Then I sat down with the manual and learned that I can take sepia or black-and-white photos.

I can soften or warm a photo before I even take it.

His eye skin is prone to the effects of gravity when he rolls

And I can catch those great action shots that I've always missed before now.  I got some great photos of some of M2's classmates doing cartwheels today.  I don't have to worry so much about getting the timing perfect, which means I can worry about focus and composition - it's amazing :)

I am totally in love with my "new toy," and I can't wait to use it at M2's school talent show.  I can sit all the way in the back and use my telephoto lens to get some great shots anyway!  I'm a tad giddy.  I'll never be a pro photographer, but if I can get some fun shots now and then, it'll be worth every minute of poring over the manual!

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