Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mind. Blown.

I met one of you today.  Totally out of the blue, too.  It's not like we had e-mailed back and forth and you were going to be in town and we thought, "Hey, let's meet up and actually be those people who meet other cool folks from the Interwebz!"

No, it was totally random.

This is the first week of the 'fall' session at the swim school.  I say 'fall' in quotes because when it's 107 outside, fall isn't exactly the word that comes to mind, but then again, all the trees are turning brown and losing their leaves, so maybe *I'M* the one who's got it wrong.  It's entirely possible.

I'm digressing again.  I do that when I get excited.  My mind starts jumping around and I can't focus on anything... oh, look, SQUIRREL!

Swim school.  I expected that there would be a few new kids since this was the start of the fall session, and I was both right and wrong.  There were a few more kids than had been attending during the summer, but only one new kid that I could immediately recognize.  I picked him out easily since he got put in M1's lane; M1 had been the only kid in that lane for the past few weeks, and I was glad to see that he'd have someone to swim with.  It didn't hurt that the other kid looked to be roughly the same age as M1 (and also had red hair, which I see as a bonus).

Shortly afterward, I said hello to his mom.  She seemed very nice, and we started talking.  She had been sitting behind everyone, and I feel like it's weird to be turned around backward while talking, so I moved to sit a couple seats away.  She gave me her contact info so we could set up a field trip sometime in the future, and then I passed on mine...

And then she - YOU - said that you read this blog!  I'm not sure if it showed, but you could have knocked me over with a feather.  I don't often imagine this blog having readers; I'm not The Bloggess or Pioneer Woman, and the idea of having any sort of following sometimes just makes me shrug and smile wryly.  To MEET one of you... I can't wipe the stupid grin off my face.  To know that you read and follow this blog is mind-boggling.

Best of all?  I'll see you again soon!  Thanks for making my day!

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Anonymous said...

That's so cool! It's always fun to meet up with someone unexpected in that "Hey, I know you!" moment.

(And I "SQUIRREL!" too, so I totally understand.)

The first time I ever met someone who told my they loved one of my magazine articles, I just about fell over. I'm an "Aw, gee..." kind of person. So I know how that feels too! VERY cool. :D