Saturday, August 18, 2012

What do you do on a rainy Saturday?

This is a question that we in the drought-stricken state of Oklahoma haven't gotten to ask in a VERY long time. I'm sure most of you, location aside, can sympathize.  However, after being awakened by a storm (and a girl talking in her sleep) at 1:36 a.m. and then watching more rain roll in this morning, I was thrilled to tell my kids that we were going to have a home day... and that we were NOT going to sit around and watch TV or play on the Wii or get on the computer or open the DS or veg out in any way, shape, or form.

Not today, baby.

I informed my children that today was a baking day.

It's a testament to my children that they were excited about this.  They were both thrilled to get to help in the kitchen.

The first thing we made were homemade Pop-Tarts.  I whipped up some pie crust and asked the kids what they wanted to have as filling, fully expecting that they would say strawberry.  Surprise, surprise, they are contrary creatures and asked for brown sugar and cinnamon instead.

The next thing we did was make some granola.  I had found a recipe, but it called for toasted coconut and dates; M2 is fond of neither.  So I told them they could each have their own batch.  M1 used the recipe in its original form, which also called for dried apricots and craisins:

and M2 nixed the coconut and dates and went for raisins, chocolate chips, and a dash of cinnamon.  I ran out of honey for her batch and wound up using golden syrup instead, but I think it turned out just as nicely:

After this baked, the kitchen smelled heavenly.  While the granola pans were in the oven, M1 turned to me.  "Mom, we have phyllo dough in the freezer.  Would those make good toaster strudels?"

I wasn't sure.  I'm still not entirely convinced, because obviously these are better suited to puff pastry rather than phyllo, but I did my best.  Here is the result, with the strawberry jam filling that I'd expected them to request earlier:

Now that all is said and done, our pantry is full of breakfast choices.  I don't expect to hear any whining about not having anything to eat for quite some time.

Still, there is one down side to all this...

Anyone wanna come do dishes?  Oh, no, wait... that's what I have kids for.


Anonymous said...

What an excellent way to spend a rainy day! We get so many of those here in the UK, and baking is a great idea, especially for cool days.

Argh, the clean-up. Blech. That really is the only downside.

farmwifetwo said...

My eldest manages his own breaky and lunch but he's been grumbling I won't teach him to cook.

Ummmm... we're nearly 13yrs old and he refuses to settle down and use a knife properly - it's coming, Grandma drilled the lessons in this summer while he was visiting - and refuses to wash any dishes.

A child that got 90's in Gr 7 math... yet knives are an issue. Gotta love autism :)

He's adding the non-stim to his low dose Adderall (the upper doses had some funky side-effects) later this week. ECG needs to happen first. Hopefully, that deals with the spins and maybe he'll be able to concentrate more and listen before getting upset and he can learn to cook.

Puberty so far has been a huge problem for him. So I'm envious that yours can help in the kitchen.