Friday, August 10, 2012

Not's to Self

My daughter is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve.  She has her mother's perfectionist tendencies and sometimes has to be reminded to tone it down just a bit.  She's been a bit depressed lately (and also manic, because she tends to do both at once, which is spectacular), and today something I said caught her fancy.  She disappeared into her room and came out 20 minutes later with this:

This is her "Not's to Self"(Notes to Self), a long list of reminders of things that should or shouldn't be done to be considered a good person.  It almost made me cry.  It's well-written but also has rather interesting spelling, so I'm transcribing it to what it's meant to be below.

Notes to Self
Clean up everything you get out. Follow mom's directions. Be nice to brother. Try to remember things. Choose fairly. Be nice to parents. Don't forget to brush teeth. Good outfits. Be nice to company. Don't forget your manners. Treat Mom's things nicely. Be nice to animals. Don't whine if you have to do chores. Do not try to annoy anybody. Do not hurt people. Be good in all cases. Do not let Brother [she spelled this 'Bother,' which cracked me up] come in your room. Ask before you do things. Try not to waste electricity bill or water bill. Be kind to self. Do not say bad words. Do not tease. Don't argue. Be kind. Don't sass. Go to bed when Mom tells you to. Try not to get all worked up. Try not to get hurt. Eat healthy. Respect other people's beliefs. Don't brag. Listen to your body. Don't store up fat especially before bed. Don't forget to clean yourself. Give yourself good credit. Give other people good credit, too. Be thankful for what you have. Don't try to hurt other people. Don't over exercise. Break habits. Don't overdo anything. Don't eat or steal anything that's not yours. Only do what's right for yourself. Follow the Golden Rule. Don't try to make self sad. Say sorry (apologize). Try not to cry in public. Be generous. Don't forget to think.

I think she's pretty well grasped the idea of being a good person... if only DOING these things came as easily as writing them down!


Anonymous said...

Awww. There's something sweet in her taking the time to write all that down. For me, writing something down helps reinforce it, so maybe it will do the same for M2. :)

Beth said...

She is such a good wee person anyhow. My favorite is Don't store up fat right before bed. That's awesome!