Friday, August 31, 2012

An Ordinary Day

It occurred to me the other day that A) I haven't blogged in a while and B) I certainly haven't done a 'regular day' post in a while.

I present to you... a regular Monday:

Lil' Miss works on a free write and a math sheet (she's a multitasker)
Lil' Mister does his math work on the whiteboard
The cats love to come up and visit the school room... 
... and lounge on the cold tile floor
while I give the dog a treat to demolish.
I put several loads of laundry through the cycle, and
coffee fuels everything, with some homemade creamer added.
I hard-boil some eggs, too, to see me through the week for breakfasts.
I don't usually put lunch together (as evidenced by the surprised look on the boy's face),
but I had time and we had leftovers, so they got spoiled.
The wee girl insisted I take her photo before she practiced her violin.
We fold and put away the laundry so that all the chores are done
and once the public school gets out, the kids disappear outside with the neighbors' kids.
It's not always an exciting life around here, despite the fact that the neighborhood kids love to find out about our latest projects (K'Nex machines for science and Ethiopian food for dinner to tie in with history, for example), but it's comfortable.  Even ordinary days have magic in them.

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Anonymous said...

The not-exciting life is the nicest, I think. Call me boring, but I like my days well-ordered, predictable and peaceful. :)