Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Week Off

We haven't had school this week.  I told myself when I scheduled our school year that I wasn't doing three- and four-day weeks because it drives me crazy to start a 'week' of school only to have the end yanked off or 'skip' the first day of the week.  It messes with my very Type A head.  Since Monday was Labor Day and Oz was off of work, the whole week became what I had been hoping would be a very nice break...

... and a nice break it has definitely been.

M1 had swim team practice and his stroke development class. M2 had a swim lesson and a violin lesson.  We visited the library.

Other than that, we've hung around the house.  The kids have played upstairs and gotten along nicely for the most part.  Yesterday they worked together and organized the game room closet, cleaned their bathrooms, and tidied their bedrooms without even being asked.

We've started some work on Christmas gifts; we have too many people in our extended family for us to shop for everyone - I simply don't have time or the inclination to come up with 20 or so individualized gifts each year - so the kids and I figure out what to make and make it.  Last year we made bars of soap for everyone.  This year we're doing something different.  The kids are excited about their projects, and I love socking the gifts away for the holiday because otherwise I turn into Scrooge sometime around early November.

I decorated the house for fall.  It's a bit early, perhaps, but I'm ready for the seasons to change.

The kids have played with some of the neighbor kids during the afternoons.  They discovered that their friends aren't readily available on Wednesdays, so we decided to turn Wednesdays into cooking lesson days - each Wednesday I'll pick a recipe and a technique and they'll get to learn something new.  Next Wednesday we'll make shepherd's pie.  M1 will mince onion, brown the onion and beef, and learn about adding seasoning properly; I'm going to help M2 make the mashed potatoes.  I'll probably try to take some photos of these Wednesday 'classes.'  I'm excited about them.

All in all, this week has been the break that we've all needed.  It's been lovely to get up late, lounge around for a while, and do absolutely nothing that requires deep thought.  I think I can say that I'm ready to start up again... right after I take the kids to see a movie tomorrow.

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