Monday, September 10, 2012

Back To It!

Today was our first day back after a week off.  We have another week off coming up in a month, and then several breaks over the holidays, so I can officially say that we've survived our longest continuous stint of school for the entire school year.

The kids were ready to get back into the swing of things, too.

They finished up building a K'Nex chainsaw for science.  It hadn't worked the way the directions had said it would, so M1 put on his engineer's thinking cap and figure out another way to make it work.

Shortly after this photo was taken, he hauled the chainsaw to his room to see if he could engineer it to fit with one of his K'Nex robot motors.  So far he hasn't had success, but I suspect he'll keep trying.  If not, he's asked if we can buy some of the other kids that come with motors... like this one, because it's $115.  I told him to ask Santa.

M2 threw a giant fit during the making of this self-portrait before finally deeming it good enough to show others.  Despite her self-disparaging words, she amazes me with her artistic ability.  I could not have drawn that at her age; quite frankly, I'm not sure I could draw/paint that well now.

The kids are currently outside clearing out one of the garden spaces that I want to use for herbs and other healing plants next spring.  For the record, I didn't ask them to do this.  M2 pulled out the rake and trowel and begged to go digging and asked where she could dig.  M1 chugged down some herbal tea and then joined in.

These are the days I can't imagine not being a mom and not having them home.  What would I do all day if I didn't get to be constantly amazed at the creativity and initiative of my kids?

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like a successful day back.

Oh, tell M2 that we are all our own worst critics, especially creative types. ;)