Sunday, September 23, 2012

Always in Motion

The last week has been such a blur.  I hardly know where to begin.

We have our usual schedule - swim three times a week, violin once though M2 is very good about practicing most of the other days, library once a week, and Mondays and Fridays at home.  This week, though, changed a bit, and I have to admit it threw me for a loop.

First, M1 had to get an allergy shot on Tuesday.  For about six months, that had been a normal weekly occurrence.  For the last few months, though, he's only had to go once a month, and now that it isn't happening every week it seems like such a horrid inconvenience.  It's been very nice not to have to dope him up on Zyrtec every day, however, and he can live in his bedroom without being bothered by all the dust mites that no doubt inhabit every inch of the carpet. 

On Friday, we attended a co-op meeting.  This particular co-op is only just getting off the ground, so I'm not 100% sold on it yet.  The kids both enjoyed it, but if it was meant to be an educational experience, it wasn't.  And given the number of younger kids - ages 5 and under - I'm not sure how much of an opportunity it will be.  We shall see.  But I promised the kids we would go back and give it a fair shake before deciding one way or the other.  It does mean, though, that Fridays have to be rearranged somewhat, because a full day of school isn't going to happen if there's a co-op meeting involved.

This weekend was particularly special for us, too.  We hosted a housewarming party!  If I was any sort of good blogger, I'd have been going around shoving a camera in people's faces and taking photos of all the merriment that was had by all... but I'm not, and I didn't.  Merriment, however, filled our home.  At one point, I went upstairs to check on the kids in the game room, and they were laughing and having a wonderful time (no fights! and the floors were visible!); I turned to come back down the stairs and the adults were doing exactly the same thing.  It was a beautiful chaos.  I got to see my friends, see (most of) their kids, share laughter and stories and food... after everyone left, I couldn't stop smiling until I collapsed into bed.

Tomorrow we have a meeting here, and then we're back into the swing of a 'regular' week again.  Sort of.  Next weekend I have plans, too, and then the weekend after is when we're celebrating M1's 10th birthday.

Time really does fly when you're having fun.  I'm so lucky to have the ability to do so much and have met such wonderful people to share it all with.  No matter where you are, take a moment, savor your life as it is RIGHT NOW, and never forget we're all in this crazy world together!

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Anonymous said...

What is it about a little deviation here or there that "throws us for a loop"? One little change in my schedule throws me off for the entire week. I guess it's our personalities - some people need their routines, and others are more adaptable at going with the flow. :)

Good luck with the new co-op!

Aw, a housewarming party. You're all settled in, then?

Oh yes, time does fly when you're having fun (I'm honestly glad to say the time is flying now for me), but it's also important to appreciate those moments. Most definitely!

By the way, we should "friend" on GoodReads! I think my profile is

Well, it's my author profile, but I think you can friend me from it. :)