Monday, September 24, 2012

The Presentation of Art

Art.  M2 loves it.  M1 tolerates it.  But both of them despise the idea of 'sculpting.'  If I ask them to sculpt something, I can guarantee that there will be tears.  I have no idea why.

Today, though, I learned that at least for my kids, there is a major difference between 'sculpting' and 'carving.'

Carving isn't nearly as scary.

M2 took to it right away.  She was thrilled to sculpt carve a face.

Her favorite parts were the eyes and lips.  She even spent a good 15 minutes making sure that the face was going to be the right shape - oval, not round or square.

M1, who is desperately looking forward to Halloween, decided to create a pumpkin.

They decided on their own tools, too.  M2 chose a kitchen knife so she could create bigger indentions and not worry about her tools breaking.

M1 was perfectly content with a plastic knife.  They really worked hard on their ... carvings.  I was even more impressed when they stuck around afterward to clean up their mess.

And look, Ma!  No tears!  M2 was very proud of her face in the end,

and M1 was very proud of his pumpkin.  (They would also like you to know that these are three-dimensional shapes and that on the back of the pumpkin it says, "BOO!" and the back of the face will have hair when it's dried and painted.)

Apparently art is all about presentation.  Renaming is a powerful tool.

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Anonymous said...

Carving with tools vs. sculpting with hands is easier, I think - more control. Of course, just playing in clay and getting the hands dirty is fun! :D