Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Signs of Growth

I suspect the boy is going to grow.  Or is growing.  I'm not entirely sure which.

I have discovered over the years that there is a progression leading up to the growth of the boy-child.  It goes something like this:

1.  Purchase clothes for the upcoming season. In this case, that would be fall/winter.  We've had a few days where he's needed jeans, and on one of them he came downstairs to inform me that a pair of jeans needed to be thrown away because it wouldn't stay buttoned.  I made him try on the pair to show me, and he could barely get it buttoned, let alone breathe.  And the bottoms?  Yeah, that was a lot of ankle on one boy.  So we've had to start looking for jeans.  I also bought him new swim jammers because his old ones were getting worn.  These purchases somehow triggers a growth spurt.  Guar-an-teed.

2.  Watch him get a little chunky.  About the time he starts getting a 9-year-old version of a beer belly and his biceps start to look less like sticks and more like sausages, it's time for him to grow.

3.  Cue the hiccups.  I know it's supposed to be an old wives' tale that you get the hiccups when you're about to grow, but he's had hiccups - the big, violent ones - three times in the last few days, and I can't think of the last time he'd gotten them before that.  This is not an uncommon occurrence around here.  He doesn't get hiccups often, unless he's growing.  So it makes me wonder.

4.  The sleep patterns change.  This is the biggest clue of all.  Normally M1 is up before the crack of dawn, puttering around the house before anyone else even contemplates rolling out of bed.  The last two days, *I* have had to wake him up. 

5.  He can't focus.  School, particularly math, suffers.  He rocks and mutters and fidgets like Rain Man and Michael J. Fox got together and had a genetic love child.  You'd swear he was fully autistic if you didn't know he was high-functioning most of the time.

6.  The eating.  It's nonstop to begin with, and seconds are pretty normal fare for him no matter how high I pile his plate with food, but lately he's been asking for thirds, extra snacks, etc.  Yay protein shakes!

7.  The aching.  His legs, arms, hips, and back ache. 

8.  #7 causes The Whining.  #5 and #6 actually contribute to The Whining, too, in their own ways, and I think that may also be because I have to get him up before he wants to get up in the mornings.  See #4.

9.  Finally, after we all suffer through #1-8 for a few weeks, he grows.  He outgrows his pants, his shoes, his shirts, his everything.  He giggles hysterically at the fact that he's closer to my height than ever before, and we all get used to the new normal.  Then we're safe for a while... at least, until it happens again.

(Height before growth spurt: 61"... I'll try to remember to update everyone on his new height when he goes for his well-child check in early November.  *sigh*)


farmwifetwo said...

My Ped tried to tell me my kid was obese a year ago. I went to my Dr and she said "how old is he". Me "9". When was the last growth spurt "7" (he grew over 4" that time in a matter of weeks). She told me he was due for another... and as you mentioned we went through another clothes size but not 2 due to the weight loss.

He's now just shy of 5' tall and not quite 11. We did another 3" in the last year and he's skinny once more.

Ironically the 13yr old, is about 2" shorter but he appears to be gaining on the younger but he'll never catch him.

Addlepated Monkey Mama said...

61"?! Wow! Doncha love when every single pair of pants is suddenly three inches too short?