Sunday, August 12, 2012

School Projects

Now that I have both kids at home, I feel like I have a little bit more freedom.  I have freedom to do more intricate art projects because M2 adores those.  I have freedom to spend more time on science experiments because I don't have to be more or less done with school in time to pick another kid up... and having two sets of eyes (or, in some cases, two whole different set-ups) on a science experiment provides more experience and more scope for observation.

All of this makes me happy.

Last week we did several projects.  We started the week by making paper mache animals:

A cat, by M1
A whale, by M2
Then we started work on reports (a paragraph for M2, report for M1) about a scientist of their choosing:

She chose Marie Curie
He chose Stephen Hawking... was there any doubt?
M2 discovered her love of math all over again after Oz hung the whiteboard and she could really visualize her math work in a whole new way:

Finally, the kids invented, wrote, rehearsed, and performed a play of their own making. Because I was involved in a stage manager position, I didn't get any photos, but it was a cute little play with a theme following the adage, "Don't judge by appearances."  They did a good job, and M2 is excited to do it again.  My little drama queen likes drama; whoda thunk it?

This week we're going to finish our scientist reports (writing), make gazpacho for lunch (Spanish, math), and start work on a gears project to go along with our motion unit in science.  Plus I think we'll get to see our (public school) friends on Friday for a Back to School party.  Another good week is about to begin!

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Laura @Travelocafe said...

Amazing. Thank you for sharing these great "young" moments with us.