Monday, January 6, 2014

First Day Back Blues

It's the first day back in school after two weeks off.  Two weeks in which the children, like all children before them, have forgotten everything I've taught them in the previous six months.  We can no longer write complete sentences, select the right homonym, spell anything, or turn in any work without correcting it half a dozen times.  Right now I'm having an argument with the boy over how to write a conclusion to his science experiment.  We have a poster on the wall that clearly states what needs to be in a conclusion (What does your experiment show?  Did the experiment confirm or disprove your hypothesis and how?  How does the information you found relate to everyday life?), and yet I got an answer to the last question - in fragment form - and nothing else.  The girl is arguing with me that it's good to put her box of colored pencils on a tiny ledge (whoops... she just spilled them everywhere) and whether or not she can spell whether 'wether.' 

I planned a nice, easy week, easing back into the lessons and with a minimum of tough assignments - or so I thought.

Clearly I didn't go easy enough.

I hate first days back.


Alexandra said...

WHen we were homeschooling, 2 of the 3 boys had a hard time with Mondays. I had to remember that about them. xo

Kim said...

Yeah, sounds like here. Lots of struggles after so much time off. Some time outs for the more difficult children. And sometimes me. Kind of makes me want to let them have no time off, ever!