Sunday, January 19, 2014

I Escaped!

My friends and I made it out last night.  I was the DD voluntarily, since they both have January birthdays.  I even made darn sure they did one shot at the bar (I let them pick, and they're suicidal, both of them, because they both picked tequila).  We talked, laughed hysterically, people-watched for a while, talked even more, laughed till we cried, and finally ended the night in the wee sma' hours of the morning.

It was rejuvenating.  I can face another week now.

This week my goal is to call up the school and find out what curricula they're using for 3rd and 5th grades and see where the kids stand in relation to their peers.  If Doodlebug looks to be a grade ahead, he'll stay home this fall.  It would be social suicide to put him in seventh grade when his classmates would have had a year to get to know the school, the teachers, and one another.  It's sixth or nothing, and there's no sense moving forward until I know where that stands.  And I want to make sure Boo is still equal to her peers.  I don't foresee problems there.

I want to use my gift certificate to get my car detailed.

Boo is supposed to start her sewing class.

I'm sure this week won't be perfect.  But if I can get through it with fewer tears and less fighting, it'll be a good week.

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Anonymous said...

Mmm, tequila!

Hooray for escapes - we all need them! You're sweet to be the DD.

You have a busy week ahead then, eh? Good luck with everything with the school. :)