Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It Seems Like Magic

And just like that, this week is better.  Compared to last week, it's phenomenal.  I know it's only Tuesday evening, but Doodlebug has completed his work each day (before 2 p.m. yesterday and before 12:30 today!) and hasn't been fighting me.  He told me over the weekend that he was going to try to follow his therapist's advice and "achieve neutrality toward school."  He then told me that those weren't his therapist's exact words - those were "to try to be neutral about school" - but that he liked "achieve neutrality" better.

Bless his little nerd heart. :)

The fact that his math lesson this week is pre-algebraic in origin probably plays no small part in his positive feelings - I've suspected for ages that algebra would be right up his mathematical alley, and it seems I may have been right - but regardless, it's not just about math.  Everything is getting done and done correctly.

This week is going so well that tomorrow I even have plans other than teaching school and getting the bare minimum done - I'm going to make some phone calls/appointments, bake banana bread, and wash my comforter.  On Thursday the kids and I may even crash a friend's house for coffee.  It's a thrilling life, I tell you, but it's nice to have the energy to do these things.  When I'm fighting with someone 24/7, I have nothing left for anything else!

I've no idea if there's anything behind this switch other than a new week and a few potentially helpful phrases from his therapist.  Could be hormones, could be nothing.  Who knows.  Doesn't matter.  I'm just so relieved that last week is in the past, over and done with.  Here's to another solid couple of days so the week can end positively.

Thanks for bearing with me and for all the sympathetic ears and messages.  It's nice to know there are so many lovely, supportive folks out there.