Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Made the Call

I called the school.  It actually happened.  I picked up the phone, navigated my way through a horrifically-designed phone menu (seriously, people, when you say 'Press 0 for the receptionist, press # to hear the menu again,' pressing 0 should not get you the same thing as #), and finally reached a human being who directed me to someone who, while not the actual person/s I needed to reach, was someone who could at least take my info and pass it on to the right folks.

I hated making that call. 

I hated it primarily because I hate making phone calls to people, especially when I don't even know who I need to talk to. 

I hated it because it makes it all very real, that Boo (and probably Doodlebug) will be going to public school this fall.  I know it's what she wants, and I know that it's best for her because she's so dreadfully lonely here and the older she gets, the less her brother will be able to fill the playmate role to her satisfaction.  She's too social to be happy at home in the long run.  I could arrange for her to attend a co-op, but I like the idea of a more diverse population and not having to sign a Statement of Faith just to be in 'the club.'  That ruffles my feathers.  I had friends of all different backgrounds in school, and I don't want her missing that.

I hated it because even though I don't have a problem with her going back logically, it tears at my heartstrings to think that she's taking a little step out of the nest.  Yes, I'll be up at the school(s) often, I'm sure, just like I was when she attended private school, but it's still just not the same.  I'll be helping her with homework someone else assigned and gearing her up for testing in the spring so that someone else can get the credit. 

But it's done.

I talked to them, too, about testing to find out what grades the kids would be placed in, because right now I have absolutely nothing that they can officially use for that, and schools like documentation.  And I asked them to share my number with the school psychologist so we can find out about IEP testing for Doodlebug, because we do not, in fact, have to wait until he's enrolled before getting that ball rolling. 

I have started down the slippery slope.  Thankfully there are several places in the ride where I can step off if I need to, but it's begun.



Beth said...

Hang in there! You know you've made the right decision, just hold onto the raft, the slippery slope will get yo the bottom eventually. ;) probably :/ Then the little minions will cause a whole new set of problems!

Wendy L. Callahan said...

I hated making that call too, and for all the same reasons as you. So I know where you're coming from. :)

farmwifetwo said...

Now, if you don't hear from them in a week, call again.

3 parts sugar, 1 part vinegar... never forget.

Kim said...

You're doing an incredible job. It's not easy...none of this is. Take heart that you knocked it out of the park in being their teacher at home. You've given them a solid foundation.