Sunday, February 2, 2014

So It's Snowing...

It's cold outside (again).  The snow has tapered off, but it's still bitterly cold.  The danged groundhog saw his shadow, and I'm inclined to drive up to Pennsylvania and take a .457 to his sorry self.  Overkill, perhaps, but I'm all done with this winter crap.  I'm a summer girl.

Fortunately for the rodent in question, I can't leave my neighborhood.

I'm not quite sure how this winter storm blindsided me.  I had monitored the forecast for the last 10 days, watching as the predicted snow days grew closer and closer.  Yet it didn't occur to me that I hadn't stocked up on food, and I made plans to go places, including handing Boo over to a friend for a sleepover yesterday.

Today Doodlebug and I were going to go visit one friend in the morning, come home and hang out while I made food for a Super Bowl party (Doodlebug was going to head over to a neighbor's house for the dual purposes of interviewing the dad for a writing assignment and playing with the kids afterward), and then we'd all pile in the car, go to a Super Bowl party, and I'd bring my girl back home.  Then tomorrow - Monday - would be a normal weekday morning, where we would do school and take Doodlebug to therapy.

Yeah, that ain't happening.

About 10:30 or 11 this morning, I decided to go try to get Boo and perhaps go to the grocery store.  There's a highway not too far from the house that goes right by the grocery store, and from there it's nearly a straight shot to our friend's house, so I knew that if I could get out of the neighborhood, I'd be fine.

After two failed attempts, however, during which Doodlebug sat next to me gripping the door handle with all his might, I bowed to the inevitable, slid backward into a driveway, and came back home.  We were gone for less than 10 minutes.

I've made Chex Mix, and I'm going to make some meatball bubble biscuits, and it'll just be the three of us for the game.  Doodlebug was incredibly disappointed that he didn't get to see his friends and attend a party, but he's at the neighbor's house now and I've promised him that if Boo isn't home by this evening - right now, it doesn't look like she will be - I won't make him do school.  He'll still have therapy, though, because apparently his therapist makes calls if appointments get cancelled due to weather.  Well, I say he'll have therapy… if the doctor can get to the office and we can't, I'm not sure what happens.  But I'll cross that bridge when we get there, I suppose.

We'll scrounge in the bottom of the freezer for food, and if we wind up eating a few meals of pancakes or biscuits, then pancakes and biscuits it shall be.  The forecast for the next few days doesn't look much better.

Are you snowed in?  Tired of winter?  Or are you a winter person who has four-wheel drive (or, better yet, a town with effective street plowing plans)?


Addlepated Monkey Mama said...

I'd run over seven groundhogs with my car if it made spring come early.

Beth said...

I want meatball biscuits too! Mmm those look delish!