Monday, February 3, 2014

It is February

Approximately one month from now, the kids, Oz, and I will be headed to Australia.  It seems surreal.  Know what else seems surreal?  That this year is more than a month old already.  I haven't even bothered to get out the Valentine's decorations because no sooner will I do that than it will be time to put them away and fling something else at the mantel, and ain't nobody got time for that.  There are snowflake candles up there right now, and that's it.  I'm happy for that to suffice until the equinox, and then I'll decorate for spring.  Maybe.

We wound up being able to get Boo back yesterday evening.  Some of the snow melted off the roads (thanks to a couple of warm days, the asphalt wasn't entirely at freezing temp), and Oz was able to get out and get her.  I also sent him a short grocery list so we would have food to make it through the week.  It's probably a good thing he was able to do that, because while I had the best of intentions of getting to the store today, it's now 2 p.m. and school is nowhere near completed.  The girl is bouncing and humming and whistling and talking and won't. shut. up. and the boy is squawking incessantly.  I'm about to go out of my mind.  Plus the house is disGUSting, and while I know I should be cleaning it, I refuse to do it until everyone else around here is willing to do their fair shares.  Seriously, the kitchen counters got scrubbed two days ago, and I set my hand on the counter near the coffee maker last night and about went insane. Dearest Oz, WHEN are you going to learn that ground coffee is not invisible to the eye/touch?  And then this morning I got up to find crumbs all over every surface.  Dearest Children, WHEN are you going to learn to wipe up after yourselves when you fix anything?  I'm on kitchen strike until further notice... and master bathroom shower strike as well, after a snarky remark or two from Oz the other night.  Not that he'll have noticed.  I'm sure once he reads this, the shower will get cleaned, but until then, no.  (In other news, I may be PMS-ing, and I am currently of the firm belief that all jeans makers should be required to make PMS-sized jeans... so when you buy a size 12, you get a free size 12+ for those days when the jeans just don't fit right and you know you haven't done anything differently but you weigh 3-4 pounds more and anything you drink goes straight to your bulging muffin top because you haven't peed in days and Holy Hippo, Batman.)

And it's going to snow and people are going to be trapped with me.  This could get ugly.  Just feed me chocolate and stay the hell out of my way.

On second thought, nix the chocolate.  Clearly I don't need any more carbs.

I suppose it's time to go pull the rising bread out of the oven and see if punching that down will do anything to calm my frayed nerves.  I'm so very done with winter, and I'm stir-crazy even though I'm not trapped.  It's either feast or famine lately.  Either we have too many things on a single day or we have nothing.  I'd prefer it all to spread out, just a little bit. 

How's your week looking?

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Common Household Mom said...

I am glad you got your daughter back! And groceries! I think throughout the years I always suffered more than the kids did from being housebound in the winter. I have no solutions, other than to acknowledge with you that it is indeed February. I agree with you on the PMS-sized jeans.

Punching bread dough is good. Going to Australia in March sounds awesome.

Apparently my week is going to be filled with listening to my elderly relatives complain about each other, and going to physical therapy. And somehow pretending to do some actual work. And it is going to snow AGAIN tomorrow. Cheers! It's February!