Thursday, February 27, 2014

On a More Positive Note

Thanks for letting me rant yesterday.  I know I whine about the boy, and it's true that he is not an easy child to raise, and it's hard not to compare him to Boo, who is his complete opposite in so many, many ways, but just when I'm down in my darkest depths and feel like I'm bashing my head against a brick wall trying to get him to understand things like altruism and empathy, he surprises me.

Yesterday we had to run errands.  And by errands, I mean errands.  By the time we got home, we had made 8 stops.  Granted, at three of those (the gas station, the recycling drop-off, and Sonic) the kids didn't have to get out of the car, but it still made for an interminably long afternoon and a good chunk of it was spent in department stores shopping for clothes, and a good chunk of the clothes were not for the boy.  I always hold my breath when we go on marathon shopping sprees like these because I know what a child's attention span is and I remember all the shenanigans that my sister and I would get up to when my mom insisted that we needed to make the hour-long drive to Joplin and spend a day shopping there.  I have a scar on my forehead from the time we were wrestling on the floor and I rolled into the corner of the jewelry counter.  Shenanigans.  And Doodlebug is not known for his patience when the shopping involves anyone else.

But the kids were fabulous.  They were patient with me and with each other while we all agonized over varying clothes decisions (not least of which was a swimsuit for me, which I did not wind up purchasing because swimsuit makers still do not understand that 'tummy control' for moms means built-in Spanx... guess where I'm looking next?).  At one point, I was browsing the clearance racks and found a shirt I wanted to try but only saw it in a small, a size which I am decidedly not.  Doodlebug hunted around for me and found it in a medium.  It was still too small, but he and his sister were so proud of working together that they actually high-fived each other in the middle of the store.

Doodlebug had also brought along a Sonic gift card that he'd received for Christmas.  When I told the kids that I would buy them drinks as a thank-you treat for being so well-behaved, Doodlebug said, "Mom, I want to use my card and buy myself a Blast instead.  And I want to buy my sister one, too."

I melted.

They followed me around the grocery store like well-trained puppies after that, chatting (mostly) nicely and eating their ice cream.  Best.  Grocery trip.  Ever.

Of course, we got home and he promptly dissolved into a pile of grumpiness and got sent to his room to detox and relax, but that I understand - after holding it together in stores for several hours, we all needed a break.

And today has finally been better all around.  I think we're finally over the Sunday Minecraft 'hump.'  Seriously have to ban it.  Hate doing it, but three days of grief for two hours' worth of play isn't worth it for anyone. 

Hope your Thursday is as nice as mine looks like it'll be!


Common Household Mom said...

I'm so glad to see that you had a better day. It's amazing that it came on errand day! I am in awe that you did all those errands with the kids along, especially that one of the errands was trying on swimsuits.

For future reference, you might want to know about this: "Friday Full Confessional" at derfwad manor on Fridays. It's at www - dot - derfwadmanor - dot - com. I have found it helpful at times, especially since my child now reads my blog and I never know when my other relatives will read it.

Hope you have a good rest of the weekend.

Gillian said...

I hope your week is going better than the last one! I've been in that place of sheer frustration before too, and it drives me batty. I am glad for you that you got such great behavior while running errands!