Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Because This is My Venting Place

Feel free to not read this blog post.  I'm okay with that.  I simply need somewhere to get all this out, and my friends have heard it all a million times, and so has my husband (and so have you, really, but in my experience it's easier to not read something than it is to not hear it), and so I just need to get it all out of my head before I go insane.

WARNING: Profanity ahead.

Doodlebug is having another bad week.  He won't try.  Will.  Not.  Try.

On Sunday I let him go over to a friend's house for a couple of hours because I was freaking exhausted and my friend asked to borrow the boy so he could see his friends.  Usually when they're together, they play Minecraft.  I'm okay with that as long as it isn't in my house.  But of course he came home, and that night he stole his sister's iPod (again) and hacked into it (again) so he could watch Minecraft videos (again).  And then on Monday when he got caught (again), he cried and said he'd try 'next time' (again) and otherwise fed us all giant shovelfuls of bullshit (again).

Because he'd been up half the night Sunday night using his sister's technology, that meant that his school work on Monday was completed in a half-assed fashion.

Yesterday, Tuesday, was no better.  He claimed to have slept, and he got some of his work done properly, but then came writing.  At 10:45 a.m., he read through his lesson, handed me the book and said, "I read it.  I'm done.  That's all there was."  I looked down and the first thing I saw was, "Underline the...."  So I called his bluff and handed the book back.  Five minutes later, he announced, "I need to use the computer, Mom.  It says I have to type up this paragraph."  So you did have work to do.  Congratulations on finally reading the lesson.  I let him type it up.  He printed off a copy, and it was clear to me that he hadn't understood the lesson.  Fine.  So we went over what was wrong, I pointed out that the mistakes shouldn't have happened because there were very explicit samples in the book, and sent him back upstairs to type.  In the meantime, I had to go get Boo from her sewing class (she's doing great, by the way... yesterday they finished making a patchwork drawstring bag, and it looks very professional!) and so I thought I could trust him to behave on the computer for the time I would be gone.


The work was done sloppily, and he felt the need to use the time to watch yet more Minecraft videos.  And delete the Internet history, of course, which was the Ultimate Tip-off because I know what sort of browsing I do each morning while they're working. 

So at this point, he won't be seeing his friends till the end of April (it would be March, but we'll be gone for most of it).  If one afternoon of Minecraft results in a week of work for me, it isn't worth it.  He's not happy about it, of course, but at this point I don't give a shit.  He's banned from Minecraft from now to eternity, here and anywhere else.  I don't even know why I get optimistic any more.

This morning, you'd think we'd be better, but no... he was up 45 minutes before anyone else and the first words I heard from either of my children this morning was, "Doodlebug, I'm telling Mom."  "I'm sorry."  "For what - putting your hands on me and not letting me go... AGAIN???"

Eff this.  Anyone want to trade me for an easier model?  I have gotten this one half-grown... I won't say half-raised, because clearly that hasn't happened and I'm not sure it's a possibility... so it's not like you'd be starting with a new specimen.  This one's clearly a challenge for the ages.

I get to go shopping with him later today.  I may 'accidentally' leave him behind.  It's very tempting...


Common Household Mom said...

I read it. I hear you. Parenting is such a difficult / scratch that / impossible task.

farmwifetwo said...

Nope, have my own thanks.

I'm also enjoying "normal" puberty with my 12 yr old. So nice to have the stomp and whine...

The worst, isn't the stuff they do, but when parents say to you "but they all do that"... Yeah, the do, but mine adds a twist to it... They don't want to hear it and you come across as someone looking for extra attention.