Friday, February 14, 2014


So today was Valentine's Day, yet another day in which I am reminded how completely inadequate I am when it comes to things like holidays and gifts.  I am the one, after all, who has completely forgotten (both of) her anniversaries multiple times and tends to forget not only her own birthday but those of her loved ones as well.  The kids are only exempt, I am sure, by virtue of their age.  When they hit 21, I hope they can forgive me for my forgetfulness.

Anyway, Oz hit home runs today, as he always does.  Usually we don't do big gifts for Valentine's - maybe a small box of chocolate or just cards or a bouquet of flowers.  But for whatever reason, Oz decided to spoil me rotten this year.  Yesterday he brought home a beautiful bouquet of red tulips and he and I shared half a dozen massive chocolate-covered strawberries.  This morning he bounced me awake (it's a good thing it was Valentine's Day, or he'd probably have lost body parts doing that), made and poured me coffee, and presented me with a beautiful watch.  I'm both really picky about and really hard on watches, so he'd asked me about it previously.  I'd told him that I liked that one, but I assumed at the time that he was pre-shopping for my birthday and/or cruise gift ideas and/or Mother's Day, because I actually am that spoiled and he actually is that good at gifts and actually does plan that far ahead.  Which makes my gift-giving incompetence all the more glaring.  But we'll move on.  He resized the watch this afternoon and, in addition, helped me with laundry, dusted the downstairs, and cleaned the kitchen and washed the dishes after dinner.

What did I do?

I got him two cards.

Oh, and he also bought cards and small boxes of chocolate for each of the kids and graciously let me take half-credit for them.

This is why I keep him.


The kids and I had a good day today, too.

School was understandably shoved to the back burner today - we did some grammar, and each kid did a page of math, and they copied down the final drafts of their history papers (she wrote a little piece about the Ancient Indus Valley civilization and he wrote a short essay on the history of medicine in ancient cultures), and after that, we left.

First we went to an area assisted living center, where the kids put on a talent show for some of the residents.  The group has performed this for three years now, though we missed the first year, and all the kids have really progressed in their performances.  Feel free to read about the talent show on my friend's blog.  Doodlebug came up with the idea for using skits as part of the talent show.  He wanted to participate but didn't feel like reciting a poem like he did last year.  We found some other kids to participate after selecting the skits we wanted to perform, and I thought they all did a fabulous job, especially since they had never rehearsed together!  They spoke loudly and clearly, and in the end, there were some laughs for each skit.

After the talent show, a couple of us headed over to a local tea house for lunch with another friend, and she snapped a picture of me sitting on a ledge outside the tea house after we got done eating.

This has been cropped to become my new profile picture, but look - a picture of me!
Then the talent show friend left, and the photo friend and I headed over to the local skating rink for an afternoon of trying not to break bones while zipping around a slick wooden floor on four-wheeled shoes of doom.  Boo actually learned to skate without hanging onto a wall, and Doodlebug brought his own rollerblades along so he wouldn't have to use rentals.  The boy has brains, I'll give him that.

By the time we left there, we were ALL ready to get home.  Thankfully the skating rink is only a couple of miles from our house, so it didn't take long at all before we were crashed in various places (Doodlebug promptly soaked himself in a hot bath, and Boo wasn't far behind) wearing pajama/comfy pants and I was wondering what on earth I had been thinking when I'd decided on dinner plans.

Tomorrow we're staying home (Boo is under the impression that she wants to go roller skating again, but I think she'll be ready to change those plans in the morning).  My mom is dropping by to give the kids their Valentines, and I have warned her that we all may be lounging in our pajamas when she arrives.  Because THIS girl has no intention of moving before noon.

Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day/Friday.  And may your weekend be as warm as mine is supposed to be!


Beth said...

It really is a fantastic photo! Wish we could have joined you all, hopefully next time ;) this feeling lousy stuff is pretty lousy!

Anonymous said...

You aren't at all inadequate. Hey, I MADE my husband a card. It took 30 minutes, because it was a pop-up card, but I didn't buy him anything fancy.

The new picture is GORGEOUS.

It sounds like everyone had fun getting out. Sometimes busy, full days are great. But, yeah, by the time you've done everything, it's also nice to get home. :)

Common Household Mom said...

That's a lovely photo!

I got my husband nuthin for Valentine's day. I'm just kind of worn out by wintertime. I have been shoveling all the snow, so maybe that counts for something.