Monday, May 12, 2014

All the Nothing


At least, that's what today is according to my children.  You'd have thought that they were working from dawn till dusk every single day for the last 10 months.  *snort*

As for me, it's a Monday.  I got up, found the blood of life coffee, stripped and remade the bed, started the laundry, pulled ribs out of the freezer to thaw for tomorrow night's dinner, sat down and made a menu and grocery list for the next couple of weeks (the kids did sort of help with that… they both want to make a meal and wanted to pick the recipes themselves), etc., etc., etc.

The thing I didn't do was go upstairs and do any school with them, which means that now, at 2:53 p.m., I am parked on the couch with nothing to do.  And by 'nothing,' I mean that I could read a book I'm reading, work on my cross-stitch project, blog (WINNER!), obsessively check Facebook, text friends, or clean something.  Hobbies, mostly.  I need direction here.  Doing nothing is not something I do well.

Oh, and cleaning something isn't gonna happen.  It should, because I ran into a friend at the grocery store today, and she and her son are coming over tomorrow, but… no.  I cleaned on Friday.  That counts, right?

I did make a couple of important phone calls today.  One was to the pediatrician's office to schedule Doodlebug's physical for camp.  Why they require him to have one is beyond me, but there's a form and it has to be signed by the doctor saying that he's healthy enough to go running about in 100+-degree Oklahoma summer heat.  Or something like that.  I remembered that had to happen last night about 11 p.m. and figured I'd better call and make the appointment ASAP, and it turned out it was a good thing I called because the NP who had been at the office for several years is gone now (she was there two months ago… I'm not going to ask) and it's just the pediatrician again, and she's always busy.  I'll threaten to stalk her house if SHE ever decides to quit/move/retire before my kids are old enough to not need her any more.  Just sayin'.  Anyway, I also needed to get Doodlebug's prescription refill written and ALSO needed (yeah, I was totally the brand-new receptionist's favorite person today) to get a copy of Boo's immunization schedule.

I needed the last one so I can go down to the school sometime in the next… sooner or later, whenever I get around to it… and actually enroll the munchkins.  Details.

Speaking of the school, the psychologist called me a little while ago.  I have a meeting with him and several other people at the middle school - teachers, the gifted program director, heaven only knows who else… he said he was going to do some wrangling to get as many people there as possible - so we can get Doodlebug officially put into the gifted program and, at the same time, write a tentative 504 plan for his ASD issues.

Which means I really must actually enroll the child soon-ish.  They have most of his details; I just haven't filled out the form.

For now, however, I'm going to borrow a page from the kids' book and DO ALL THE NOTHING.

Sounds like a good Monday plan to me.


Common Household Mom said...

The first day of summer vacation is just an awesome day.

Thanks for reminding me to make my kid's doctor's appointment. Yup, it is needed for summer camp.

Gillian said...

You're totally a slave driver regularly, I'm sure.

I've been doing a lot of gardening lately to fill in the gap left from college work. Not too good with large amounts of unstructured time either.