Monday, May 19, 2014

Feeling Successful

After spending the last two weeks in an incredibly horrible funk while having a major existential crisis (still having the crisis… just have the energy to ignore it for a little while), I had to get up and function today.  I had the last meeting of this school year with the school psychologist, the gifted program administrator, and the 6th grade counselor.  The plan was to sit down and make sure Doodlebug was all set up and ready to go in terms of gifted services as well as writing the preliminary 504 plan so it will be in place the moment he walks in the door in August.

The meeting went well.  We wrote down only a few items on the 504 plan for now, mostly having to do with seating placement for classes and testing as well as trying to figure out SOME way that Doodlebug will have someone checking some sort of agenda to make sure he has his homework written down each night.  That was the hard one, mostly because we don't have a schedule yet.

One thing that did come to light was how much the psychologist and the gifted director are willing to bat for 'their' kids.  Doodlebug scored extremely highly on his tests.  I now know his IQ, and the number pleases me.  I refuse to disclose it, even to him, but he's smart.  Parental brag moment over.  Anyway, the counselor made a comment at one point that because he didn't have an enrollment packet for Doodlebug, that there was a chance that Doodlebug may wind up in classes that weren't really what were needed/wanted, and the other two instantly stepped in and said, "Sorry, I don't care if it means booting another kid.  This kid (Doodlebug) gets in."  I sat back and didn't say a word.  Rather nice to have other folks do the fighting for me, to be honest.  The counselor seems like a good guy, don't get me wrong, and I know he's trying to do scheduling for 300 or so 5th graders who are going to be in his school next year as 6th graders and there are only so many slots and so many classes per day.  BUT… my kid will be in certain classes, come hell or high water.  I think he got the message.  He also made sure to let me know that the teachers at the school are very knowledgeable about autism and know how to talk to kids on the spectrum - I guess his kid, who is a middle school student this year, is ASD as well, so he's seen as a parent how the system works with them, and he said it's been very positive.  That gives me a lot of hope.

Anyway, I did go down to the enrollment center right after the meeting and actually filled out all the paperwork so the kids are officially enrolled and they can put Doodlebug into the right classes.  That is now done.  Finished.

It's been an interesting process, going through all the testing and meetings and figuring everything out as we go.  I know there will be more meetings this fall to modify the 504 based on teacher findings once he gets into the classroom, but it's been a good, solid start.  I hope it's enough to offset some of the issues that we're going to run into eventually.  We'll see.  Fingers crossed.


farmwifetwo said...

You were spoilt. Most of us end up throwing not so adult-like hissies at some point. Or in my case, just throw the legislation at them along with a "oh, by the way I contacted the board and all I have to do is call them in Sept and they will audit the room...."

Gr 3 for both was "Mommy, is a b...h" year. That's not saying it was roses before that by any means... thinks of youngest's year in ABA and cringes... but that was the "ok, I'm done with this s....t" year for both.

My youngest is borderline IQ.. not bad for a kid that 4yrs before was severe ID. My eldest they did not do an IQ score this time due to the social communication testing. It's still poor and she didn't want it dragging down the rest. But again... getting A's Univ Stream Gr 9, not studying yet was Mild ID in Gr 4.

Not normal kids, mine.

Sarah said...

Yup, I know I've been extremely fortunate when it comes to the school system here. They're ASD-friendly, I've never had to fight to get the psychologist to call me back (which is odd, because another mom I know DID have problems with that), etc., etc., etc. I don't expect the road to stay this smooth. I'm sure I'll run into a teacher or maybe even the counselor at some point who just doesn't want to do what they're supposed to. But we'll see. I'm just happy to take it as it comes for now. :)

Common Household Mom said...

I hope those school officials that you mentioned follow through on their declared intentions. That is, indeed, very hopeful.

Also, this seems to be the time of year when I often fall in a funk. Which is ridiculous because there is so much that I have to get done!