Friday, May 9, 2014


And so, with that, we are done.

It seemed very anticlimactic.

Boo finished up grammar; Doodlebug recited the last poem he chose to memorize this year - Poe's "The Raven."

They covered their interest week topics.  Boo told us all about the differences between turtles and tortoises and some of their body features and dietary choices.  Doodlebug made "Clue" cards and substituted them for the weapons, and as we played, he told us about the symptoms and chemical make-up (if there was one) of each poison.

They performed their play last night, in four acts.  It was really cute, and I may try to post video of it soon.  It involved a cowboy (played by Boo) and a magic talking snake (voiced by Doodlebug), and I loved it.

Now they're coloring mandalas, just for the fun of it.

I've really enjoyed having them at home.  It seems bizarre to say that I'm no longer a homeschooler, because I still feel like one since they're still here, at home, with me.  But now that we're done with this school year, I guess I'm kind of… not.

I'm so stinking proud of my kids and all they've learned.  It hasn't always been easy or fun, but we've done it.  I'm going to have a few days where I wonder if I'm making the right choice letting them go to public school this fall, but I know I am.  It is time.

This blog will continue, but obviously it won't be a homeschooling blog any more.  Thanks for following!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's how I felt too at the time. Just... done. OK then. Kind of a bummer.

My fingers are crossed for them to do well in school, in all ways. :)

Common Household Mom said...

Congratulations to all!

What clever interest-week topics. And they performed a play! It sounds like so much fun.