Thursday, May 15, 2014

I am NOT a Saleswoman

I went upstairs and started going through the school room today.  Yes, I could have waited until later in the summer to do this, but A) that room gets pretty warm in the mornings and then the whole upstairs is warm in the afternoons when it's hot in an Oklahoma summer and B) people are curriculum shopping for next year NOW, and they won't be when it's July.  So I figured I'd get 'er dun.

Anyway, so the actual purging of the shelves didn't take too long.  There was, naturally, a giant pile of books and papers that had been used or saved in the binders that were overflowing from all the work we'd finished throughout the year.  And by giant pile, this pile was - IS, because I haven't moved it yet - a foot deep in the middle and probably 3-4' in diameter.  PILE, I tell you.  It was a PILE.

Then there was the pile of things to get rid of.  I'll come back to that in a minute.

Then I went into the closet and pretended I couldn't see the fact that my children had totally trashed it and took out all the extra resources, all the curricula that I'd been saving in case I needed it for Boo, and went through that.  All the resources went onto the bookshelves where curricula had sat before, so that now we have a shelf of history materials, a shelf of literature/writing resources and math manipulatives, and a shelf of science books.  The kids already have their own dictionaries and thesauruses that sit under their desks, and there are a few books that don't fit on the shelves, so they sit next to the bookshelves… I may move those up to the top just so they aren't sitting next to the trash can where the electric pencil sharpener gets dumped, but we'll see.

Finally, I took down some of the posters from the walls, put up a few new ones, and then went through the posters to see what I wanted to keep and what I no longer wanted, and I added the latter to the pile of curricula to get rid of.

Then I made the fatal mistake of not writing it all down.  You'd think that being as pedantic as I am, I'd know to make a list.  But no.  My brain was - IS - so done that I just thought, "Oh, yeah, I'll remember."  I posted a list of all the posters on a local homeschool curriculum group and told folks they were free - I had gotten them for free and just wanted them gone, honestly - and then posted in another group that I had a bunch of stuff to get rid of.

After that, I walked out of the room.  Fatal mistake.  We ate lunch, and I sent the kids up to turn the closet back into some semblance of normalcy.  I got on the computer again to see if there had been any nibbles… and that's when the trouble started.

For the record, do not allow your children to read you the titles and information off of the sides of books.  It does not matter how literate they are, they will screw up.  And then you will pass bad information on to prospective curriculum buyers - TWICE, at least - and then you'll go upstairs to start sorting through things for yourself and realize the errors and have to go back and eat your words.  Twice, at least.

Clearly I should not be allowed to sell things when my mind is not as organized as it normally is.  This, people, THIS is why I'm normally anal retentive to an insane degree.  At this point, I *do* have a list of what I'm selling and most of the prices figured out (would've been smart to figure those out before posting, too, but again, I'm not so bright today), but I still have to keep them all straight.

Now I just hope I don't send the wrong items to the wrong people.  Can you tell I've never worked retail?

Back to it.  Let's see what I can confuse now ;)

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Sam said...

We still love ya Sarah ;)