Monday, January 3, 2011

Cleaning House

OK, not really. Not till I take a deep breath and get some air filter masks and purple non-Latex gloves. *THEN* I'll tackle the house and all that's in it. For now, I simply have some stuff to share with you that consists of 2010 material. Gotta empty out the folder, and plus I *promised* the boy that I'd publish his work. He's very proud.

The girl is proud, too. A couple weeks ago, she wrote this:

That little dot in the square at the bottom is THE TOOTH. It's the second tooth she's lost, and she might have been a tad excited. To the point that she had me yank the tooth for her. She didn't quite have the nerve to do it herself this time. But she insisted that she write this note for the Tooth Fairy, even though I promised her that the Tooth Fairy wouldn't be carrying off such a Very Large Note. Art girl prevailed. And when she got her reward in the morning (gold dollar plus a note back), she insisted on hauling it all to school to show her friends. Just like she hauled her art set in this morning because her teacher had promised them Show & Tell. I just pray it all comes home in one piece.

And now on to the boy. This is one of his latest writing assignments.

Oh, but before I go there, I must tell you, my kidneys have stopped revolting. I'm not sure if it's the six glasses of water I drank or the fact that I actually *ATE* something for the first time in 48 hours, but either way, between that and the Treximet I took for the massive migraine I woke up with at 1:48 a.m., I woke up pain-free. The boy woke up rash-free except for one dot on his right ear that looks remarkably like a scar where an earring had been. Random and bizarre.

Anyway, boy and writing assignment. His assignment had been to design, script, and direct a commercial. It could be for anything, from a pencil to the entire house. He selected a poinsettia that one of Oz's coworkers gifts to us for Christmas each year (cats, children, poinsettia, never mind). He set it all up and really, really wanted Daddy to be part of his work, so he wrote the script, they memorized it, and I agreed to videotape it.

Without further ado, an ad for "The Christmas Bouquet."

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