Monday, January 24, 2011

A Weekend Recap

Because it's Monday and I really feel like crawling back into bed and snoozing for the next three hours, I'm drinking coffee and posting on my blog instead. Clearly I've got my priorities straight. The fact that I'm tired may be self-inflicted, and it may have something to do with the fact that Oz and I stayed up till 1:30 a.m. watching "Downton Abbey" on PBS because our DVR boycotted the earlier showing and heaven forbid we wait till it comes on again at a decent hour.

We're nothing if not typical products of our respective generations.

My weekend was reasonably uneventful. M2 was supposed to have gone back to school on Friday, but it was a Friday, the day after a snow day, when she was going to have a substitute anyway, so I told her she could stay home, to which she said, "Mom, can we do school HERE?"

And I said yes, and she insisted on wearing her school uniform anyway, and I learned for sure and certain why I only homeschool ONE child instead of both. There might have been liquor involved in my mental recovery plan.

But that was Friday, and I had no indication that Saturday would be horrible other than the fact that the kids and I had been cooped up together for two days and Oz was going to be working from home all day, too. Sounds like a recipe for a perfect day, doesn't it? I thought so.

It could have been worse. M1's worst offense was to give M2 a bloody nose by whacking her with a pillow during a mostly one-sided pillow fight *after* I had already given M1 The Warning against Using Hands On Your Sibling. He and I ran errands later in the day, giving M2 the treat of staying behind with Daddy so she could pester him and create random art projects. More on that in another post.

M1 and I particularly had to go to Office Depot because apparently 2011 is going to be The Year That Stuff Dies, and the paper shredder had been a casualty of that particular war earlier in the day. The vacuum and oven are also on their respective ways out. The vacuum now makes a buzzing noise when it works - something about the beater bar whacking against something that none of us can identify to fix - and the oven and range are getting moody about when they light. Last time I had to turn on a burner on the range for the oven to start to heat. 'Splain that one to me, Lucy. We also had to go to Office Depot because M1's demon-possessed cat had knocked Oz's Macbook off of the desk and killed the hard drive, because that's just the kind of thoughtful feline he is. Thankfully Oz knows how to replace hard drives and it only cost us $100 instead of $2000 for a new machine, but still. I grrr in his general direction.

All this is why, on Sunday, I parked my carcass on the couch with my cross-stitching and watched football.

I think I want four-day school weeks. I need two days just to recover from Saturday.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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