Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Out-of-the-Book Math: Day 2

The curtains are intact. (Can I get a collective "HOORAY!!"?)

After yesterday's meltdown, I was hesitant, but graphing went INSANELY well by comparison.

We started by creating a table. I took inspiration from the fact that he had been pacing the floor while I had been on the phone with a friend and let him use a subjective tool (the size of a step) to measure each room and put it on the table. We talked about rows, we talked about columns, we talked about how everything had to be labeled neatly, and then he filled everything in.

Keep in mind my rooms aren't that big. I told him he could take any route around a room he wanted as long as he took the same route the second time. And he took itty-bitty teensy-weensy steps.

Then we talked about line graphs. He likes line graphs. He's made them before, though he hadn't remember it till we talked about it.

We raided the fridge for that graph, and he told me what instrument to use for measuring, what units to use (grams), and told me how to set up the graph. Then he weighed each clementine, plotted its weight, and linked everything together.

The final graph was a bar graph. We raided the fridge again and used two dozen eggs for the final experiment, since I was due to deliver those eggs this morning anyway.

I weighed the eggs and he put dots to keep track of how many were in each column, then he filled it all in and colored it.

He's really excited because tomorrow we're going to break out a workbook called "Math at Hand" that I picked up somewhere for free and he's going to get to *interpret* various graphs in a chapter that's all about insects. Could it be more perfect?

(On an unrelated note, the snow was totally less than spectacular here. It's friggin' cold out there, but there wasn't much snow. I am annoyed. And PMSing. Rant over. Thank you.)

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Mom on the Verge said...

So glad to hear you all had fun with math! (How often do you hear that one?) Watch out for tomorrow... ;)