Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh, Please, No.

Just tell me it isn't happening.

Tell me that the girl hasn't started going back to her habits from last spring/summer/early fall.

Let me live in denial.


I'm a mom. I worry. I know that. I often worry unnecessarily. I know that, too. But she (and all of us!) had been so HAPPY. And while *I* haven't changed my parenting style one iota - that I'm aware of - and her teacher or classmates haven't changed anything - that I'm aware of - the girl suddenly doesn't want to take art class (the same Young Rembrandts art class she attended quite cheerfully before Christmas break)... and is latching onto my leg and fussing for no discernible reason... and coming home saying that school is horrible and nobody will play with her... and crying her heart out because she feels that her age-appropriate drawings aren't good enough and somehow that makes her a bad person...

and I worry more.

I could use a few positive thoughts thrown my way, if you can spare them. We already had a three-month check-up scheduled with the pdoc (pediatric psychiatrist) in early February (she doesn't know this), so I'm just hoping that she's coming down with something or is just having a bad week.

Fingers crossed.

I'm trying to see the positive. I'm making sure my questions to her are geared to that end (i.e. "Did you have another great day at school today?" or "Tell me about what you're working on in class!"), but... yeah.

Hopefully I'll have a happier post tomorrow. The son of one of my good friends is turning ONE! What can be wrong with that?


Beth said...

Wellllll we just upped our meds, so if this is our upswing.. history says you all must go down down down.. :( On the reverse, if things go to Hades house in a handbasket over here, statistically speaking good news for you! Oy! You know you have all the extra good thoughts I have for you and your wee precious girl!

Brilliant Creations said...

Oh, man. Just know that some of this behavior IS normal. She can have some of these things happen and it mean absolutely nothing. Girls are so damn emotional. Not all of them. But mine is. Waaaaay more than me. Hang in there, mom. And, try not to worry. The sun may be peeking through the clouds in a day or two. xo

Mom on the Verge said...

Breathe in. Breathe out. Give it a week or so. She may come around. Or you'll find out that some girl doesn't want to be her bff anymore or she wasn't invited to a birthday party or something. Maybe she just needs a little space. You'll figure it out. Trust yourself.