Sunday, January 2, 2011

How 2011 Began

For me? I was asleep.

I *had* been planning to go out to dinner with a friend and then bring her back to the house and work on a 2000-piece puzzle of Van Gogh's "Starry Night" while talking and drinking wine. None of it happened.

In fact, just as Oz and I were settling in and trying to work out what we *were* going to do for NYE...

The power went out.


Oh, just a blown fuse that took three hours to fix.

After taking a shower and reading by lamplight and dealing with kids freaking out because their nightlights had gone kaputt... we went to bed.

And I woke up sick.

I hovered near the bathroom yesterday. M1 was pretty well recovered from his bout with the virus, and I didn't have to pay too much in the way of Porcelain Goddess Homage, but OMG THE PAIN. My back is still killing me. Apparently this virus' goal is to rip out your kidneys through your spine. It's remarkably successful, because I'm about to take a hook to them and do it myself.

Anywho, I'm able to move today, though I've still got a heating pad plastered to my back. Nobody else seems to have caught the virus, thank heaven. M1 now has a rash, though, that I'm keeping an eye on. I've taken pictures, just so I can tell if it gets worse or changes.

Ah, the life of a mom!


Habebi said...

UGH! Hopefully, fingers seriously crossed here, that you're just getting the crap out of the way NOW so that later will be better. Hope your back feels much better soon and that rash M1 has disappears!

Mom on the Verge said...

Oh! I'm so sorry you couldn't keep your New Year's plans -- they sounded really fun! I hope you feel better soon and that everyone else will keep well. Fingers crossed. (Now, aren't you glad you kept those kidneys?)