Wednesday, March 14, 2012

And Then I Checked the Mail...

It's a good thing that it's Spring Break.  I have too much going on to be teaching school this week!

I mentioned that the real estate agent had come by and given us a list of things to do, including have someone out to look at the foundation.  The inspector showed up last week and subsequently sent us a report saying that we need to have extra piers added to the back of the house.  This is problematic for two reasons:
     1.  We're not sure that's really what needs to be done. Quite frankly, Oz and I question the entire report because it says that he checked the structural beams in the attic, and we know for a fact that he didn't open a single attic access point (there are three in the house).  I dunno, maybe he can do that from the exterior.  Not sure about any of it.  But we shall see.
     2.  We have a septic tank that is buried not too far from where the piers are meant to be added.  This means that heavy machinery and tons of digging aren't even a remote option in that area.

So there's that, which is frustrating, but there has been plenty of good happening around here, too.  Oz and I got a weekend to ourselves while the kids were at my mom's.  We met friends for dinner both Friday and Saturday nights and got half of the laundry room painted.  On Sunday we volunteered at a 5K race since Oz's company was a sponsor.  We served free green beer.  We had the popular booth, as you can imagine, and my hands were green for days afterward.  The kids got long overdue haircuts this morning.  I took more stuff to storage and a giant box of clothes to Goodwill.  We met friends at the park on Monday, and M1 got to meet a boy his size and one year older.  They got along splendidly.  I'm sure we'll see them again soon.  M2 got her own library card.  We even went to the DMV and were pleasantly surprised to discover NO LINE.  We were the only customers in there.

The heavens rejoiced.

M2 also got a new violin:

It's a half-size.  She'll have been playing violin for three years this summer, and this is her fourth instrument.  I'm grateful that we have a shop in town that believes in quality instruments AND in giving lots of credit for instruments that come back in good shape.  This time around, we actually saved some money over renting because she used the instrument for almost a year!  I'm hopeful that her 1/2-size violin will last her quite a while.  If only she'd quit growing.

M1 needs to quit growing, too.  We had an allergy appointment yesterday, and they measured his height.  He's grown nearly two inches since he was last measured a couple months ago, and I know he's not done yet.  I know this because he's eating like a horse.  Yesterday for lunch he ate three corn dogs, steamed peas, yogurt, and two clementines.  Then he sacked out in the car on the way to swim.  After swim, he insisted he was starving again, so I took him to Sonic and he ordered an entire meal.  And ate it.  And yes, he did eat dinner, too.  Today I took them to a local burger joint for lunch and ordered him a double cheeseburger.  The teen behind the counter gave me a skeptical look.  "You know that's a whole half pound of meat."  "Yes," I said, "and have you ever seen him eat??"  He polished off the burger as well as most of his large fry order but did concede that he probably wouldn't be hungry until dinner.  Oh, and speaking of the allergy appointment, we found out that M1 only has a couple more months of injections left before he hits his maintenance dose.  That thrilled him, since the thicker serum has really been bugging him lately.

So all of this has happened just since Friday.  And yesterday, since Oz wasn't coming home until late, I checked the mail.  

I shouldn't have done that.

I received a jury duty summons.  For the one Monday in April that M2 is out of school.  I sent the form back requesting excusal on the basis that I am M1's primary educator, but I'm not holding my breath.  I will probably have to suck it up and go in.  I just hope I don't have to sit on a jury, because I really, really do not know what I would do about the kids.  Tuesdays mean allergy shots, swim lessons, and violin lessons as well as school, and Thursdays aren't much better, and there really isn't anyone else who can teach the boy-o if I'm out of touch.  I understand that jury duty really isn't convenient for anyone, but still.  We'll see about that, too.  I sure as heck don't have time to worry about it this week - there's too much going on for that!

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