Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Question of the Day:

"If you didn't have to obey the laws of physics... or any other laws... what would you invent?"

M1 posed this question to me while chowing down on his not insignificant lunch of half a rosemary pork tenderloin, a huge slice of bread with butter, a cheese stick, and approximately a pint of strawberries.  He's also complaining of pain behind his knees.  I suspect growth.

Anyway, back to the QOTD.

I had to admit I hadn't really considered what I would make if I didn't have to obey any sort of law, physical or otherwise, but apparently M1 had given this some serious thought in the 30 seconds of silence that had preceded the question.  When I answered that I really didn't know, he gave me the following options:

Option 1:  Build a bedroom that was voice-activated and could morph into anything he wanted.  So if he wanted a space shuttle, for instance, all he would do is say, "Space shuttle," and it would change.  And then he could go anywhere almost instantly (because, of course, there are no laws of physics applicable here) and find extraterrestrial life.  And if they were hostile, he'd fight them with his finger laser.

Option 2:  Create organic Legos so he could build any pet he wanted.  I had to admit this one was pretty cool, until M1 followed up with a desire to see if he could recreate a few dinosaurs.  Which led me to wonder how many other elementary-aged kids would do the same thing.  We'd probably create our own demise with this invention.

Option 3:  Create a wormhole maker that could fit in his bedroom.  "Something like when they jump into the picture on Mary Poppins but better."

What would you make if you had no laws to obey?

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Beth said...

Hahhah I don't think my grownup mind can get around laws of physics anymore. BUT. I will definitely ask 1 & 2 and report back because DANG they come up with some good stuff sometimes. And by "Good Stuff" I mean WTH where did that come from..