Monday, March 5, 2012



... the cat, Pepe, has gone to Never-Never Land for felines.  The Great Catnip Patch in the sky.  Whatever you want to call it.  I was there with him through the entire process, and the vet agreed that it was time.  His body temperature was low, signifying that he was shutting down already, and he'd lost 2 lbs. in two months, which is a lot for any cat, let alone one that was only 6.1 lbs. to begin with.  I am at peace with this.  It was sad, but he is not hurting any more.

... Oz and I busted our humps this weekend to get stuff done around the house.  We cleaned, decluttered, and otherwise worked our tail ends off for the realtor to come today.  I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at the list she gave us of things we still need to do, but I think that is because I'm still coming down from a weekend of work.  The list really isn't all that long.  We need to patch the carpet in a couple of spots where the cats have clawed it, we need to touch up paint in a couple of rooms and fully paint a couple more (including the laundry room, which had nearly been on my to-do list already), and we need to get someone out to look at the foundation.  Other than that, we just have to finish cleaning (steam clean the carpets, scrub the light fixtures, etc.) and decluttering.  So it's not a horribly long list.  It only seems like it.  Still, I wish I felt a bigger sense of accomplishment.  Selling a house is stressful.  I want it to be done already.  I'm quite sure I'll have several good cry-fests before it's all over with.  And hopefully I'll never have to do it again. :P

... the kids are going to visit my mom this weekend.  It's been so long since they've spent the night anywhere but at home that I'm almost giddy at the prospect.  Of course, Oz and I are talking about doing the aforementioned painting this weekend, but who knows.  It's very tempting to be lazy.

... M2's school has a lice breakout.  Two kids were apparently sent home today.  The school receptionist/nurse gave everyone else the all-clear, but I'm paranoid now.  Part of me wants to keep M2 home for the rest of the week on principle.  She has Friday off anyway since that's the start of Spring Break.  This is tempting, too.

... it is March.  Since when did 2012 get permission to go by as quickly as 2011?  I don't like this.  Nobody asked me.

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Anonymous said...

You have my sympathy and empathy, both on Pepe and the house-selling.