Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Boys - Love 'Em, Hate 'Em, and Pity 'Em

Obviously I love my son.  If I didn't adore my son (and my daughter, too, but this post is all about my boy) to bits and pieces, I wouldn't have the patience to be at home with him every single day.

Today I was reminded, several times, that boys will constantly, consistently, and commonly do the following things:
1.  Make you love them.
2.  Make you want to hate them.
3.  Make you feel so bad for them that you start back at #1 and start the cycle all over again.

M1 has been getting immunotherapy shots for his dust mite allergy for several months now.  A couple months ago we went in for a check-up and they told us that he was getting really close to his maintenance dose and that we'd probably be there by summer... as long as he didn't have any major reactions.

Well, I'll be darned if the very next week he didn't have a small reaction - just a swelling the size of a quarter, but it was the biggest reaction to date.  They repeated the dose the following week, the reaction didn't repeat, and so they kept going.  No more reactions.  Until today.  Today he got his shot at 8:42 a.m.  We waited the required half-hour, had it checked, and left because while there was a little swelling (and quite a bit of reported pain), there was no systemic reaction.  Ice, ibuprofen, and keep an eye on it, right?  Sure.  I felt bad for the lil' dude, because clearly he was in pain, so it was a good thing that we had a fairly easy day of school planned.  He got through everything and I fixed him lunch, and honestly I forgot about his arm because he hadn't said anything in a couple of hours.

After lunch, he asked to go outside until it was time to get ready for swim, and he asked so politely and calmly that I couldn't tell him no (not that I would have, anyway... a lot of times he begs for electronics, but he has lost all electronics privileges for the foreseeable future because he took his Fire out of my room, where it had been confiscated because I caught him on it in the middle of the night - again - and took it to his room - again in the middle of the night - and then lied to me flat-out when I caught him trying to sneak it back in).  So outside he went.  Adorable little dude.

Adorable little dude who had swiped an entire bloody bag of beef jerky.  I caught the little bugger chowing down as fast as he could when I went out to the garage a few minutes later to take out some recycling and give him a 15-minute warning.  REALLY???  He knows good and well that all he has to do to get food is tell me he's hungry.  I will find something.  And if I don't have any good ideas, he's totally allowed to suggest things - like beef jerky - and I'll say yes.  So that really irritated me and I ordered him in the house and told him no more snacks for the rest of the day.  (I also found a bag of mints he'd hidden in the van for 'later,' meaning he wanted to devour them while M2 was in her violin lesson.)

GAH.  After he got back in the house, I asked him to go ahead and get ready for swim, and he did so... and when he came back out of his room, I caught a glimpse of his arm.

I felt AWFUL.  It was so swollen it looked like there was a tennis ball tucked into the side of his arm.  It was red, warm to touch, and he said it hurt like crazy.  I gave him more ibuprofen and told him that we would skip swim, but he insisted on going.  I let him, but I made sure the coach knew what was going on.  Coach agreed to keep an eye on him and also talked to M1 about his own immunotherapy experience (have I mentioned the swim coach is allergic to chlorine?).  He made it through practice well enough.

We picked up M2 and took her to violin, and I asked M1 to come in so I could keep an eye on him (and to make sure he wasn't going to swipe the remaining mints I had in the car).  He brought in his latest reading book, White Fang, but soon abandoned it to read the violin teacher's copy of a Calvin and Hobbes book.  He was soon giggling hysterically, trying to stay quiet but failing miserably as he kept pointing to various strips and whispering, "THAT'S ME!!!"

Yes.  Yes, son, it is.  I love you to bits.  I wouldn't know what to do without you, and I know one day I'll really miss all the little things that drive me nuts!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I can so relate to how boys are so very loveable one minute, and then could try the patience of a saint the next!

My son has this thing about "playing guns" in public. I tell him *constantly*, "Play shooter games on the playground with your friends - NOT at passing cars."

Beth said...

double dose of his zyrtec and pepcid should help with that too.. Poor guy :( I have to take 5 mg of prednisone and a double dose of zyrtec before I leave for shot time even though I'm on half dose right now (It's spring.. They always cut me back by
half in spring so I don't die..) Poor guy isn't alone. I do just love your kids though!