Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring is for Trips

I think I mentioned that M2 had a field trip in another town this week.  This was the last one she'll be taking with her class at this school!  Because I wasn't feeling the love for meeting everyone at the school at 7:30 a.m. and making a 2-hour trek with a caravan of other vehicles, I called up my mother and begged her to let us crash at her house for the night.  Two hour drive with everyone else, or 35-minute drive after a leisurely trip to Starbucks?  Darn skippy.

Plus my kids got time with Granny.

We got to her house after she got home from work.  She fixed us dinner and then took M1 to the nearby park while M2 and I played in her back yard (Voice of Experience:  Thirty years old is past the cut-off for turning cartwheels and round-offs for the sake of demonstrating these moves to your 7-year-old daughter.  Your back will yell at you for a week, and not in a good way).  After everyone came back inside, the kids took their baths and brushed their teeth.  After M2 got done, she wandered over to the bookshelf and started perusing the piano books.  She pulled one out.  "Be careful," I warned her, remembering all the times I got yelled at when I was her age for touching those same books.

"Oh, she knows what she's doing," my mom assured me.  "We do this every time."

And then M2 sat down with Granny, and my mom played the song and they sang together.  It was lovely.

The next morning, I couldn't have timed things better.  We left the house when my mom had to go to work, and I took the kids down to the park to kill some time.  After a while, we wandered back to the car and headed to Starbucks to get drinks - fun for the kids and caffeine for me.  We showed up at the museum just as the caravan was pulling in.  Perfect.

The kids had a blast at the museum.  It's wonderfully set up for kids.

There are hidey-holes to crawl through...

... and touch screens with all sorts of information...

... and drawers that pull out with even more stuff to see (and some to touch)...

... and flip books and videos and so on and so forth.  In other words, it's a fun place.  M1 found a volunteer and peppered him with a million questions about various topics.  I was wandering back and forth between kids but still heard him stump the poor guy at least once.  Ah, well.

It was kind of difficult for me to realize that it was probably the last time I'll do anything major with M2's class. I'll see some of them again this week for the school's spring performance, but it won't be a class thing, per se.  That's okay, though.  Next time we want to go to the museum, we won't have to meet anyone if we don't want to... and if we do, there certainly won't be pressure to caravan or go to McDonald's afterwards!  (Sonic.  We went to Sonic after realizing that we went to the 'wrong' McDonald's because I blame Google Maps.)


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I'd have done the sleep-over thing too. Two hour early morning drive? No thanks!

You were doing cartwhweels and round-offs? You're braver than me.

What a cool museum! Yes, you'll be able to go on your own terms next time. :)

Beth said...

Hahhhahahah Yeah, I realized I was way too old for cartwheels and round offs at I think it was 25 when I was drunk one time.. Dang I was sad for a good week.. It seemed like a good idea at the time.. Buuuut in hindside..