Friday, May 18, 2012

It Starts with Shaving Cream

Summer vacation is here... for M1, at least.  Due to poor scheduling on my part, M1 is done a week earlier than planned (I could keep him going for another week, but we've reached the end of various books and are at good stopping points in others, so I'm not going to torture myself any more than I already am these days by creating something for the sake of busy work) and M2 has one more week of school remaining.  We're not telling her this, of course, but M1 is allowed to be secretly ecstatic about the fact that he's all done.

I can't say I'm far behind.  We're in desperate need of a break here. (Ideally this involves me escaping the house, and possibly the state, altogether, but that's probably being entirely too optimistic.)

M1 worked on his model ship for a while, but then was prowling the house for things to do this afternoon and came across a can of shaving cream in the hall closet.

"Can we play with this today?" he asked, holding out the can for me to see.

I agreed.  Little did I know what I was in for.  I've let them play with shaving cream before, and it's always interesting to me to watch their personalities come out - M1, being the sensory avoider, sticks in one finger or one hand at a time until he gets comfortable and M2, being the sensory seeker, dives in up to her elbows as soon as the pan is set in front of her.  But today M1 got a little looney and before I knew what was happening, he had shaving cream in his hair, her hair, all over both their outfits, and they couldn't help but step in it in the grass, either.

Right after everything and everyone got properly messy, M1 announced, "I need to pee!"

Of course he did.  And didn't the tree in the back yard need a little bit o' watering today, anyway?  I thought so, too.

One day this weekend we'll sit down and watch "The Never-Ending Story."  We'll go to a friend's birthday party and I'll have a tea with some of my friends and start summer off right.  It might not be quite summer vacation for everyone yet, but I think we're done here.

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