Friday, May 4, 2012

Today is Fun Day

I'll be posting photos as soon as I take the time to get them off my camera.  I'm lazy.  But today will be a good day.  I know this, just like I knew that yesterday's house showing would go well.  (The prospective buyer was here for nearly an hour, which is awesome and yet scary because we haven't even started looking at houses for us yet.)

Today started out a little early.  I woke up properly after the second time I hit the snooze button, which is unusual because usually I have to force myself to roll out of bed after hitting the button the third time, but I opened my eyes just in time to see Hermes the black cat balance himself on the top of our headboard.  I reached up to pet him, but he ignored me and kept moving.  He walked over until he was right above Oz's head (Oz was still dozing), and then he reached a paw down... WHAP-WHAP-WHAP.

I couldn't help but giggle.  A lot.  Especially since yesterday when the kids and I got home from our out-of-town field trip, Oz's first words to M1 were, "Your cat is annoying."  I guess the cat had wanted to snuggle all day because M1 wasn't around to provide the proper amount of attention.  This is the cat who will have nothing to do with the rest of us; I guess he's decided Oz makes a decent substitute.

Moving on... M2 was chipper and cheerful as she got ready for school, M1 didn't pick on her or argue with anyone, I didn't find a giant toothpaste mess on the bathroom counter, and since I'm only doing laundry in the evenings these days, I didn't have several loads of laundry to start.  M1 has been pretty focused today, and I realized that we only have two more weeks of school remaining.  This blows my mind.  I'll have conquered three years of homeschooling.  Does this make me an experienced homeschooler yet?

The weather is warm and glorious, the flowers we planted a couple months ago in the front garden plot are developing some buds, and one of the horses ate the marauding invasive plant that keeps growing among our crape myrtles.  He ate it in one bite, in fact, which is another thing that amused me.  Small minds, you know...

Later today I'll start making a piƱata with the kids so we can have an end-of-the-year fiesta sometime next week.  I could have done that tomorrow for Cinco de Mayo, but that would have required extra forethought and planning.

Happy Friday, everyone!  Enjoy this beautiful May day!

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Beth said...

Hhahha yeah, our pinata is no where near done either. Sounds like you had a great day!