Friday, May 25, 2012

Storage Wars - The Homeschool Edition

Today is M2's last day of school.  Most of the other area schools have been out for a week; some got out yesterday.  Usually her school doesn't get out until after Memorial Day, but since we didn't have a winter this year, we had snow days to delete from the calendar.

I plan to start our 2012-2013 school year in July.  Our only state requirement is that we meet 180 days of instruction, and I've worked out a beautiful-to-us school calendar that starts in July and ends in early May.  We'll have breaks throughout the year - I think our longest continuous stretch of school is the initial 8 weeks - and still have a couple months of summer vacation to enjoy the weather and see friends who get out of school in mid-May.  Plus I've scheduled it so all our school weeks are five-day weeks.  I hate three- and four-day school weeks.  Personal pet peeve.

Yesterday I tackled the homeschool cabinet.  I got rid of completed workbooks and complementary teacher's manuals that I wouldn't be using again (and also mistakenly pitched the FLL3 teacher's manual, so when M2 needs it I'll have to order another copy... some days I swear my brain has gone AWOL), emptied binders (I saved a few things but really not much), and otherwise purged as much as possible.  The sack of paper that I took to the recycling bin this morning was appalling.  I had to remind myself that for 9 months of work, it wasn't bad.  I thought I did a good job getting rid of everything that I did.

But then I looked at the space I emptied and thought, "Crap."

There is no possible way, in the physical world that we occupy, that I am going to fit next year's curricula into the now-vacant spots on the bookshelf.  How come nobody told me that homeschooling two kids would require twice the space??  I thought I did a good job of doubling up on subjects when possible, but I guess it doesn't matter.

For now, all of the curriculum I've purchased has been stored in my bedroom.  I should have realized when it took an entire shelf of MY bookcase that it would take an entire shelf in the homeschool bookcase, too, but I guess I never did put 2 and 2 together, though I'm reasonably sure that the books have secretly multiplied and 2 and 2 now make 5.  Either that or I did some fuzzy math when I ordered everything and rounded it all to the nearest hundred, so any purchase less than $50 got rounded to zero and therefore didn't mentally exist.  Yes... that must be it.

Regardless, it ain't all gonna fit where it's s'posed to.

Clearly we still need to move.

And I also need to quit procrastinating and get cracking on lesson plans.  Nobody told me that lesson plans for two kids takes twice as long, too.  Those of you with 3+ kids (or teachers who deal with entire classrooms of kids who may be advanced, average, and remedial, and you never know what you're getting) have my utmost admiration.  In the time it usually takes me to do half of the total lesson planning for an entire year, I managed to complete half a year's worth... of one subject.

This learning curve is killing me.

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