Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day Two, Infinitely Better

Things I have discovered about teaching M2 (already):

1.  She likes routine... as long as there is some amount of chaos involved.  She likes that I printed off a list of what we will be doing this week, but she also likes that I let her pick what order she does things in.  M1 does things in the same order every. single. day.  M2 does not.  They're doing history and science and some electives (art, languages, etc.) together, so we do have to coordinate those, but other than that, she gets to pick.

2.  She adores science.  I knew she liked math and art, but since she'd never really shown an interest in any science other than anatomy (she's always had a love of finding out how the human body works), I had no idea how excited she would get about discovering that hot air is lighter than cold air and being able to explain WHY.  I love having two STEM-oriented children!

3.  She has amazing penmanship and loves to write.  After dealing with my somewhat dysgraphic son for the last three years, it's shocking to see a paper covered in picture-perfect printing.  She loves Writing With Ease because copywork gives her the chance to show off and after we got done with school today, she got out a notebook that she has self-designated her journal so she could write some more.  Fascinating.

I've also had my suspicions confirmed that she is a very visual/kinesthetic learner; her reservations about Math Mammoth are already dissolving, and I think she'll adore geography as much as I do.  When we were reading about the Crystal Palace for the Great Exhibition in London, she wanted to see a picture.  I found one, and we colored a map, and those things helped the story stick in her head more than anything else that I read or did.  I like knowing what makes my little girl tick!

Right now she's very enthusiastic, and I'm sure some of that will go by the wayside as we progress.  I can tell that M1 enjoys having her here while he works, even though it drives him crazy that she likes to talk while she works and he's very, very used to having peace and quiet.  Having a second child at home definitely has breathed new life into our homeschool; I just hope I can keep them happy!

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