Sunday, July 1, 2012

Home, Sweet... Oh, Wait

On June 21 (my darling Oz looked it up because I thought it was July - his memory is far better than mine for these details), he and I had officially lived in this house for 10 years.  When we moved in, I was 6 months pregnant with M1.  I thought it was miserable when we moved because it was 90-something and humid outside.

I'm very glad I'm not pregnant this time.  Not sure my system would take the strain under 100+ degree heat.

Anyway, we've been totally content in this house for the last decade.  It's met our needs well, and it's been a beautiful home in which to live.  We took out some gardens and put in others.  We added fences and subtracted trees.  We remodeled the bathroom entirely and updated the master bedroom, the hall, and the dining rooms.  The children have been happy here and we've created some fantastic memories.

Now, however, it is time to go.  We got an offer on our house last week.  It was lower than we wanted, but our realtor suggested that we counter-offer anyway.  We did, haggled back and forth a little, and finally settled on a mutually (mostly) acceptable price.  We will no longer own this house by the end of August.

As soon as we had our offer, our realtor told us that we would be "joined at the hip" until we found a place that WE wanted.  We checked out half a dozen homes over two days, found several that looked gorgeous in photos but weren't maintained at all, found two that we liked, and picked one.  We made an offer yesterday.  Haggle, haggle, haggle... we sign the final contract tomorrow.  We will own that home by the end of July or very early August, giving us several weeks to get in and settled.  (It does also mean that we'll have one month of paying two mortgage payments, which makes me slightly nauseous, but there are worse things in life, I suppose).

Our new house, assuming all goes well, will be twice the size of our current house.  Right now we have the following rooms:  Laundry room (doubles as an office), kitchen, dining room, living room (doubles as a school room), hall, three bedrooms, and the bathroom.  Our new house, again assuming all goes well because I really, really don't want to jinx anything here, will have a laundry room, an office, a kitchen with a casual dining area, a living area, a formal dining room, three bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a school room which is actually a fourth bedroom but I need a school room more than a spare bedroom, and a game room.  I can't wait to take pictures.

The kids are of mixed minds about moving.  On the one hand, they're thrilled about all the new spaces and amenities that the new place will have; on the other, they're really going to miss this one.  I will, too.  We're going to talk about it a lot, take a lot of 'final' photos, and make sure they're part of the process every step of the way.

It's a big move.  Bittersweet.  But it's time.  Time for a new home, sweet home!


Addlepated Monkey Mama said...

Congratulations and fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly! I can't wait to see pictures (I'm a total house junkie), especially your school room when you get it set up.

Twisted Cinderella said...

How exciting! I can't wait to see pics of your new place!

Beth said...

I'm So excited for you!! Keep meaning to ask if you get to keep the chickeys there??