Monday, July 30, 2012

The New Digs

My day has been rather surreal.  Life-changing days always are, aren't they?  Getting married was surreal.  Giving birth (both times) was surreal.  Buying our first house was surreal.  Today just adds to the list of days that I'll look back at and think, "How could it be such a momentous day?  Nothing particularly special happened!"

My mother-in-law agreed to watch my munchkins this morning while Oz and I visited our soon-to-be home and did the final walkthrough.  From there we went to the closing company and signed all the paperwork.  ALL the paperwork.  We were out in less than 45 minutes.  We came back to home (heretofore known as The Old House, or TOH) to let everyone know, then hauled the kids, a bunch of boxes, and my mother-in-law to see our purchase (heretofore known as The New House, or TNH).

I've avoided putting up pictures before now largely because I'm uber-paranoid and have a more-than-is-probably-healthy fear of jinxing myself but also because those photos would have been someone else's and I try to avoid copyright issues.  It's a respect thing.

So here are MY photos of TNH... sans furniture, of course.  Those will come later:

The front

The kitchen (the door on the right is the pantry)

Look!  Oz will have an office instead of working from the laundry room!

The living room... WITH a fireplace :)

The game room upstairs

This is going to be the school room... more pictures after it's all set up!

M1's room

M2's room, complete with...

Her own vanity that connects to the upstairs bath
So that's the house in a photographic nutshell.  We filled our van twice today and brought over a fair amount of stuff... boxes of books, extra clothes, bathroom essentials and some kitchenware that I won't need between now and this weekend.  Tomorrow we're going to get a small U-Haul and empty out our storage unit and bring over as much small furniture as the van will hold, provided none of us collapse from the heat.

The kids are absolutely fascinated with the place, even more so now that it's actually ours, and I've already seen neighbor kids stalking the house to see whether our kids might fit their particular gender/age demographic.  It's a big change from living in the country where there are literally no other kids their age anywhere on the street... and you couldn't walk to their houses safely if you wanted!

Thanks to everyone who has put up with all the posts about the house over the past six months.  The journey is almost over, and I, for one, am very glad.


Melissa fd said...

I LLLLOOOVVVEEE this house!!! I want to move now!!!!!!

Wendy L. Callahan said...

Fireplace... *drools*

Seriously, I think part of the fun of moving is changing the scenery and discovering new things. It's exciting to move into a new place!

Addlepated Monkey Mama said...

Beautiful! I'm drooling over the amount of counter space in your kitchen.