Monday, July 2, 2012

Things That Make You Go AWWWWW...

When we decided to put the house on the market, Oz, the kids and I went up to a nearby greenhouse to pick out a hanging plant for our front porch.  We liked several baskets, but in the end I settled on some beautiful pink double impatiens.  We hung them up, and for a while they did great.  

At this point, though, due to time, the length of the plant roots, and the heat, the whole thing needs to be repotted.

I'm not going to do it.  And when we move, the plant will stay.


This was the view inside our plant a few weeks ago.  Three perfect little eggs in a perfect little house finch nest.

A week after that, there were five eggs.

Earlier this week, Oz went to check and found this:

The little baby thought Oz was Mama Bird that had come back with food.  I love having the babies on our front porch!  I'm going to miss them dreadfully when we go, though, because I won't get to see them fledge.

Still... photos are better than nothing.  Be safe and grow strong, Little Ones!

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Beth said...

AWWWWW ok that is just sooo darn cute!!!