Friday, June 21, 2013

How Weeks Off *REALLY* Work

I've had this week off!  It's been glorious!  I've sat on my backside and done nothing!

I can hear you laughing already.  Stop it.

OK, don't stop.  Someone needs a chuckle.

How is it that the word 'vacation' and the term 'week off' have turned into something so nasty for moms?  I realize that a parent's work is never done, but for heaven's sake, CUT ME SOME SLACK ALREADY!

I have no idea who I'm yelling at.  Murphy, perhaps.  He struck today.

On Monday, I painted the school room.  It is lovely, and as soon as Oz hangs the curtain rod (hint, hint, dear), it will be complete and I will be happy.

On Tuesday, I cleaned the house.  The floor is already gritty again, and once the boy comes home tomorrow and tromps his stank-nasty shoes all over it, the cleaning will be hopelessly undone, but it's been nice to have the house all clean.  It's just so temporary.  (Children, if you ever read this, I love you and will eventually love any grandchildren dearly, and I will gripe about how long you go between visits, but I will not miss having to constantly clean up after someone else.)

On Wednesday, I ran errands.  I picked up the curtains for the school room... and a curtain rod (*cough*), and I met Oz for lunch.  That was a fairly low-key day, but I still had things to do, places to go, people to see.

Yesterday I visited a friend's house in the morning because her husband is also out of town this week and she's desperately lonely, and then M2 insisted that I arrive at camp early to watch her ride a horse, but Murphy started rearing his ugly head and the horse riding that had been at the end of each day was rescheduled for the middle of the day Thursday and I still missed it.  Otherwise I'd have an adorable video to share of my girl riding a horse, and I wouldn't be in such an awful mood, and you'd all say, "Awwww, isn't she doing well?" and life would be dandy.  But no.  Such things aren't meant to be.

Today was meant to be my one day of luxurious nothingness.  I wanted to work out, since I hadn't done that all week, and I was tossing up between working on German or reading a book or even watching a movie.  After all, this week was meant to be a week of days off, of enjoying the silence and not running hither, thither and yon trying to get stuff done... and that had not happened yet.

Murphy, however, is a conniving bastard.  Murphy killed my dryer.  I washed the knits and denims, tossed them into the dryer, turned it on, and nearly had my eardrums explode with the screaming noise that instantly emerged from my NOT-turning dryer drum.  I yanked the door open to stop the cycle and emitted a noise not dissimilar to the dryer's own but with certain syllabic qualities that can't be reproduced onto a proper blog post.  Then I called Oz, who was sympathetic but also working.  I gripe that he hasn't hung my curtain rod, but he's good at listening to rants, which is one reason among many that I keep him.

I took the wet laundry and strewed it over my dining room, kitchen, living room, laundry room, staircase, and bedroom so that, in theory, it would all dry eventually, and decided to go on with my Day of Nothing.  Then... THEN... Oz called in the middle of my workout to ask if I could go to the store and pick out a washer/dryer set that I liked, because our machines are 12 years old and have had intermittent problems for a while now, and he figures they're about at the end of their lives.


I tried looking online, but there's just no substitute for opening an actual machine that's in stock/on the floor and picking out what you like/don't like, so I cleaned myself up and changed clothes, shoved some leftovers down my gullet... and left my house.  Oh, I hated that.  I hated it even more when I learned that Home Depot couldn't deliver anything till Tuesday or Wednesday, and I really got my dander up when Oz called while I was at Lowe's and said he was going shopping at a couple of the downtown locations and had I found anything I liked yet?

It's a good thing he's good at listening to rants.

The girl had a great time and camp, and we came home and made chocolate chip cookies, and Oz mooched my dad's truck and has schlepped home a new washer and dryer to install this evening, so obviously the day isn't a total write-off.  It's just nothing like I planned.  And absolutely nothing like the quiet day I desperately wanted.

Ahhh, Life... shove off.  I'm done with you now.

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Kim said...

A day of nothing! It seems making this event happen requires lots of work and planning.