Thursday, June 6, 2013

Something I Never Thought I'd Type

I am inwardly rejoicing.  A day I never thought would come... is here.

You've all likely read my many rants about M1 and his troubles with electronics - getting up at 3 a.m., stealing Oz's electronics and trying to hack into them, using with Wii and/or Xbox and/or computer at all hours of the morning and then throwing giant fits when he's caught.  It's been an ongoing issue for a long, long time.

Back in March, I hit my limit.  I informed the boy that he had to shape up or the electronics were shipping out.  He had 12 weeks to earn back every privilege he ever thought he had.  Last week was week #12, and I let him know that he had finally - FINALLY - earned back the right to play electronic games.  He had long ago lost interest in the sticker chart, but I'd still been keeping pretty close tabs on how he'd been doing and silently awarding him privileges accordingly.  Fighting with his sister... well, I don't like it, but she's been teasing him incessantly lately, and quite frankly, he's behaved better than she has, so I don't hold that against him.  Anyway, he got electronics privileges back.

And I held my breath.

It's been a week.  He's continued to not abuse the privilege.  When he asked to play the Wii today, I said yes but then had to call him back down to finish a chore he hadn't quite completed, and he didn't whine when I interrupted him.  He's turned the games off cheerfully (well, OK, not cheerfully, but there's been no griping) when I've told him it's time to do something else.  Today I let both kids know that they are welcome to electronics without asking as long as they have done something that challenges their brain first - building something with K'Nex, riding the unicycle, working on cartwheels, making a family newspaper... whatever.  They like that idea.

M1 is awfully happy that he's finally reached this point again, and he's told me repeatedly that he doesn't want this to EVER HAPPEN AGAIN, so he's going to really work hard to behave.

I hope so.  Do I think the problem/addiction is totally licked?  No, but he has shown that he can have self control if he wants to have it.  Of course, he's also immediately spent some of his money on new video games.  Fingers crossed.

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