Monday, June 17, 2013

It's Amazing What Paint Can Do

M1 is at away camp this week.  I dropped him off yesterday and won't see him again till Saturday.  It is a weird feeling.  M2 has day camp this week as well.  It's five hours a day, and it's five minutes away from my house.

Hear the angels singing?  I do.

When we moved in last year, we liked the color of most of the rooms in our house.  The one room that really stuck out to me (well, other than the master suite) as needing a good paint job was the school room.  Today, I painted it.





One more 'after' for good measure
As Oz said this evening, "It's a much more cheerful room."  It still needs new curtains, but I'm ready to see M1's reaction... and get back in there and TEACH!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the blue is so much more cheerful! While gray is nice for the outside of a home (especially with the right color shutters and plenty of flowers), it's too drab for most rooms inside.

Mmm, 5-hour days without children. Can I mail you a Rowan? ;)

Sarah said...

Sure! I believe you already have a carrier for her, right?

Lak said...

lovely!! The blue is so awesome.

And I can't believe how neat your room is!!!

Beth said...

Love the color! The color blending looks fantastic!!

Kim said...

Oh, that's beautiful! Nice job. It's so calming.